In service to the art of film.

All rumors are false; we do not have any connection to intelligence services. We owe our original police, army, border guards and NVA (East German Armed Services) uniforms, as well as our rich inventory of historic uniforms, alone to our passion for collecting and archiving. Therefore a uniform collection unique in Germany was created. Quentin Tarantino’s film success INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and Philipp Kadelbach’s TV success, OUR MOTHERS, OUR FATHERS benefited from our inventory of Wehrmacht uniforms. We can offer a complete and detailed collection of work wear from the last centuries; with us you will find everything that is and was worn in civil services, professions and offices, either as scout, fireman or blacksmith, as mailman, construction worker or railway official. Over the decades, we have compiled a collection of work wear with an eye for historical detail including original uniforms and medals, badges and weapons such as rapiers, daggers, and swords. If you are still missing something, we can faithfully reconstruct it at any time, thanks to our library and our image archive. We are happy to assist you!