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  • Hot Dog
    16. December 2016 | This new action comedy is currently being filmed in Germany. The story about the rescue of the daughter of the Moldovan ambassador promises chaos, intrigues, lies and a popular German cast. Our contemporary uniforms and costumes are part of this production. With a cast that includes Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighöfer and Heino Ferch; Direction: Torsten Künstler; Costume Design: Metin Misdik
    16. December 2016 | Bretagne, 1981: Romy Schneider meets her childhood friend Hilde, journalist Michael Jürgs and photographer Robert Lebeck in a sanatorium. In three days full of passion, ambition and desire, Schneider’s last interview is completed. Numerous costumes from the 1980s underlines this emotional encounter. With a cast that includes Marie Bäumer, Birgit Minichmayr und Charly Hübner, Direction: Emily Atef; Costume Design: Janina Audick
  • Dark
    19. November 2016 | Theaterkunst is part of the first Netflix Original Series produced in Germany. DARK features a mysterious family saga about two missing children in a small town in Germany. Ten episodes are currently being filmed in Berlin. Theaterkunst delivers various uniforms and several costumes from different époques. With a cast that includes Anatole Taubman, Oliver Masucci and Mark Waschke; Production: Dark Series GmbH; Direction: Baran bo Odar; Costume Design: Anette Guther
  • Suspects
    18. November 2016 | British hit series SUSPECTS surrounding the everyday life of a team of investigators is currently being adapted for German audiences. In the first season of the crime series filmed in documentary style, our contemporary costumes and workwear is featured. With a cast that includes Sebastian Achilles, Nela Bartsch and Holger Doellmann; Production: UFA SERIAL DRAMA GmbH; Direction: miscellaneous; Costume Design: Kerstin Viot
  • Credo
    18. November 2016 | The new Euro-production of director Christian Schwochow gives us an insight into a world of high finance, in which young investment banker Jana finds herself in an intrigue between two high street banks and an impending bank crash. Various designer pieces and civilian costumes are from our collection. With a cast that includes mit Patrick Dewayne, Johanna Polley and Canan Suvatlar; Production: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Christian Schwochow; Costume Design: Frauke Firl
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