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    18. April 2019 | With Christian Berkel in the leading role, the thriller series goes into six exciting new murders cases in the 14th season. Our contemporary costumes can be seen once again. With a cast that includes Antonia Holfelder, Timo Jacobs, Nils Nellessen, Johanna Polley; Production: H & V Entertainment GmbH; Direction: Thomas Roth, Filippos Tsitos; Costume Design: Petra Fichtner
    11. April 2019 | Oscar winner Barry Levinson films the life of boxer Harry Haft, who struggles to survive in Auschwitz. After escaping a death march and relocating to New York, he attempts to use his high-profile fights against legendary boxers in the hope to be reunited with his first love. Our uniforms and civilian costumes set the tone and the time of the story. With a cast that includes Ben Foster, Danny DeVito, Billy Magnussen, Vicky Krieps; Production: Pioneer Stillking Films; Direction: Barry Levinson; Costume Design: Marina Draghici
    1. April 2019 | Filming begins for ZDF two-part ALTES LAND. Our costumes of the 1940s, 1950s and modern era support the story of two women spanning three generations. Based on the bestselling novel by Dörte Hansen, we get an insight into the Germany of our mothers and grandmothers, set on a farm in the picturesque ‘Altes Land’. With a cast that includes Iris Berben, Maria Ehrich, Nina Kunzendorf, Svenja Liesau; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Sherry Hormann; Costume Design: Jessica Specker
    20. March 2019 | An adaptation of the novel of the same name by Hungarian author Milán Füst, the story introduces Jacob Störr, who makes a bet in a café to marry the first woman who enters the place. Preparations for the filming have already begun and our beautiful costumes of the 1920s will support the atmosphere of this era. With a cast that includes Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Léa Seydoux; Production: Komplizen Film GmbH; Direction: Ildikó Enyedi; Costume Design: Andrea Flesch
    4. March 2019 | Part one of the three-part television movie of Peter Prange’s book of the same name is being filmed. It focuses on the years of 1948 and 1953, the immediate post-war period with the introduction of the Deutsche Mark and the careful transition into the years also known as "Miracle on the Rhine”. Our costumes assist in the authentic setting of this story. With a cast that includes Katja Riemann, Vanessa Loibl, Anna Maria Mühe, Elisa Schlott; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Elmar Fischer; Costume Design: Frauke Firl
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