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    30. March 2023 | Cinema release for the festival acclaimed and award winning film "The Ordinaries". Costume designer Sophie Peters and her team have created a beautiful costume design, using pieces from our 50's and 60's collection. Sophie Linnenbaum's directorial debut is a must-see for any film lover, as it plays with the behind-the-scenes view of a world categorized into privileged main characters, minor supporting characters and - oh my - outtakes as well. Starring Fine Sendel, Jule Böwe, Sira-Anna Faal, Noah Tinwa, Henning Peker, Denise M'Baye; Production: Bandenfilm Gbr; Director: Sophie Linnenbaum; Costume Design: Sophie Peters
    24. March 2023 | Congratulations to the nominees in the in the category "Best Costume Design" at the German Film Awards. Lisy Christl ("All quiet on the Western Front")and Regina Tiedeken ("In einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt" used costumes from our collection for their projects. Also nominated is Tanja Hausner ("Sisi & Ich"). The award ceremony will take place on May 12, 2023 in Berlin.
    20. March 2023 | For the crime comedy "Miss Merkel - Ein Uckermark-Krimi," costume designer Nicole Stoll borrowed knight costumes and medieval dresses, among other things, from our historical costume hall. Katharina Thalbach can be seen as the retired chancellor on RTL on March 21 and then on RTL+. However, the retirement turns out to be not very quiet, because a murder case has to be solved. Starring Katharina Thalbach, Thorsten Merten, Tim Kalkhof; produced by Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH; directed by Christoph Schnee; based on the novel by David Safier; costume design by Nicole Stoll
    15. March 2023 | Premiere for "Das Mädchen von früher" at the German TV crime festival in Wiesbaden. The film is also in the running for the 2023 TV crime award. For the flashbacks, costume designer Tanja Jesek found what she was looking for, especially in our 80s and 90s section. The TV film tells the story of chief inspector Maria Voss (Nina Kunzendorf) and her eternal search for her child, whom she had to leave behind in the East shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Starring Nina Kunzendorf, Valerie Stoll, Godehard Giese; Production: U5 Filmproduktion GmbH & Co.KG; Director: Lena Knauss; Costume Design: Tanja Jesek
    13. March 2023 | Four Oscars for "All Quiet on the Western Front"! That's a record for a German film. Edward Berger's remake of the Remarque novel won awards for Best International Film, Best Cinematography, Best Production Design and Best Score. Even though there was no nomination for costume design, Lisy Christl, among others, provided an authentic look with costumes and made to measures from Theaterkunst, thus making her contribution to the awards.  
    10. March 2023 | TV start for the 2nd season of the historical event series "Our Wonderful Years". In the sequel, the story of the Wolf family in the late 60s is retold. The overall picture is supported by our costumes from that time. Starring Katja Riemann, Anna Maria Mühe, Vanessa Loibl, Damian Hardung, Rocio Luz, Omid Memar, Ludwig Trepte, Hans-Jochen Wagner. Production: UFA Fiction on behalf of WDR and ARD Degeto; Director: Mira Thiel; Costume Design: Peri De Braganca
    9. March 2023 | Cinema release for the Icelandic production "Operation Napoleon", which also features German actor Wotan Wilke Möhring. Icelandic costume designer Sylvia Lovetank has found costumes in the uniform hall in particular. It's about an international conspiracy, as footage emerges of an old plane wreck exposed by the melting of one of Iceland's largest glaciers. The old German plane from World War II arouses the interest of a wide variety of parties... Starring Vivian Ólafsdóttir, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Iain Glen, Jack Fox, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson; Production: Splendid Entertainment GmbH, Sagafilm; Director: Oskar Thor Axelsson; Costume Design: Sylvia Lovetank
    3. March 2023 | As of now, the six-part series "Luden" is available on Prime Video (Amazon). Costume designer Natascha Curtius-Berger and her team have put together the typical look of Hamburg's St. Pauli neighborhood using costumes from our 80s section. Inspired by true events, the series goes to the Reeperbahn, which shed its grungy image in the 80s and became a party mile. Starring Aaron Hilmer, Jeanette Hain, Lena Urzendowsky, Noah Tinwa, Henning Flüsloh; Production: NEUESUPER GmbH; Director: Laura Lackmann, Stefan Lukacs; Costume Design: Natascha Curtius-Berger  
    22. February 2023 | In the section "Berlinale Special" the movie "Measure of Men" with costumes by Esther Walz celebrates its premiere today. The film impressively tells the story of a young Berlin ethnologist (Leonard Scheicher) who witnesses the genocide of the Herero and Nama in the German colony of German Southwest Africa at the beginning of the 20th century. Starring: Leonard Scheicher, Peter Simonischek, Girley Charlene Jazama; Production: Zero One Film GmbH; Director: Lars Kraume; Costume Design: Esther Walz // Cinema release: 23.3.2023
    22. February 2023 | After its premiere at the Sundance Festival, the mystery film "Infinity Pool" will now be shown in the Special section at the Berlinale. James and Em enjoy a perfect vacation until an accident lands them in a parallel world where violence, boundless hedonism and sheer horror reign. Starring Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman, Jalil Lespert, Thomas Kretschmann; Production: Film Forge, Elevation Pictures, Hero Squared; Director: Brandon Cronenberg; Costume Design: Maria Popovits-Fatér // Cinema release: 20.4.2023
    20. February 2023 | Premiere for the six-part miniseries "SPY/MASTER" at the Berlinale in the Series section. For the German-Romanian production, costume designer Sosa Juristovszky was our guest in the ladies' and men's wardrobe. The agent poker between CIA, Securitate, KGB and Stasi, in which no one lays their cards on the table, is set in the 1970s. Starring Svenja Jung, Ana Ularu, Parker Sawyers, Alec Secăreanu; Production: HBO Europe, Mobra Films; Director: Christopher Smith; Costume Design: Sosa Juristovszky
    19. February 2023 | Premiere for Margarethe von Trotta's new film "Ingeborg Bachmann - Reise in die Wüste" in the Berlinale Competition. The film focuses on Ingeborg Bachmann, the radical writer and uncompromising lover. The film tells of the author's life in Berlin, Zurich and Rome, her relationship with Max Frisch, her journey to Egypt as well as her radical texts and readings. For this production, Uli Simon has relied on our pool of costumes. With Vicky Krieps, Ronald Zehrfeld, Tobias Resch and others. Luna Wedler; Production: Tellfilm GmbH, Heimatfilm GmbH & Co. KG; Director: Margarethe von Trotta; Costume Design: Uli Simon
    18. February 2023 | The film "Elaha" premieres today at the Berlinale in the section "Perspektive Deutsches Kino". Elaha is a young woman who fights every day on the battlefield of patriarchy for a piece of autonomy. The unconditional love for her family gives her strength and makes her vulnerable at the same time. What remains is the relentless drive for self-determination. Costume designers Lara Scherpinski and Paulina Immig worked with us for this project. With Bayan Layla, Nazmi Kirik, Armin Wahedi, Derya Dilber, Derya Durmaz, among others; Production: Kinescope Film GmbH, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Ludwigsburg); Director: Milena Aboyan; Costume Design: Lara Scherpinski & Paulina Immig
    18. February 2023 | Premiere for "Sun and Concrete" in the Berlinale Special section. Berlin, Neukölln: Gropiusstadt is a large housing estate that has it all. Lukas, Julius, Gino and Sanchez experience an initially ultra-hot, dreary summer here that soon turns into an adventure holiday with plenty of stress. Some of the production's costumes come from our contemporary collection. Starring Levy Rico Arcos, Rafael Luis Klein-Heßling, Vincent Wiemer, Aaron Maldonado-Morales, Luvre47, Jörg Hartmann; Production: Seven Elephants GmbH, Constantin Film GmbH; Director: David Wnendt; Costume Design: Elke von Sivers / Cinema release: 2.3.2023
    17. February 2023 | Today, the novel adaptation "Someday We Will Tell Each Other Everything" premieres at the Berlinale and enters the race for the Golden Bear 2023. Costume designer Gitti Fuchs has created a wonderful costume design to capture the last summer of the GDR and to tell a tragic love story... / cinema release:12.4.2023 / starring Marlene Burow, Felix Kramer, Cedric Eich, Christine Schorn, Jördis Triebel; production: Rohfilm Factory GmbH; director: Emily Atef; novelist: Daniela Krien; costume designer: Gitti Fuchs
    17. February 2023 | Premiere for "When will it be again like it never was before" at this year's Berlinale in the section "Generation 14plus". Costume designer Katrin Unterberger and her team spent a lot of time in our house to give the film adaptation based on the great novel by Joachim Meyerhoff an authentic look. Theatrical release: 23.2.2023 Starring Arsseni Bultmann, Laura Tonke, Devid Striesow, Merlin Rose, Pola Geiger; Production: Komplizen Film GmbH; Director: Sonja Heiss ; Costume Design: Katrin Unterberger
    16. February 2023 | Start for six-part thriller series "A thin line" on Paramount+. Costume designer Teresa Grosser found what she was looking for in our house to dress the cast around two cyber activists who fight against environmental and climate crimes. Starring Saskia Rosendahl, Hanna Hilsdorf, Peter Kurth, Sohel Altan Gol; Production: Weydemann Bros Serial Drama GmbH; Director: Sabrina Sarabi, Damian John Harper; Costume Design: Teresa Grosser
    10. February 2023 | For the current music video YOU by THE BOSS HOSS feat. ILSE DELANGE, the two costume designers Rico Grese and Tanja Jesek have found the perfect costumes in our collection. We dance to the beat through Theaterkunst.
    26. January 2023 | Cinema release for "Die drei ??? - Erbe des Drachen". The most famous trio of detectives travels from their secret headquarters in a scrap yard to Romania, where the adventure really begins. Costume designer Svenja Gassen has used costumes from our children's, ladies' and men's collections. Starring Julius Weckauf, Nevio Wendt, Levi Brandl, Mark Waschke, Natalia Belitski, Jördis Triebel, Florian Lukas; Production: Wiedemann & Berg Film GmbH, Director: Tim Dünschede; Costume Design: Svenja Gassen
    25. January 2023 |  "Die Spökenkiekerin und das Fräulein" premieres at the 2023 Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival and is also nominated in the category "Best Medium-Length Film". Costume designer Emily Schumann found what she was looking for at Theaterkunst for the historical short film. Starring Eva Maria Sommersberg, Jenny König, Marcel Becker-Neu, Mechthild Großmann, Wolf Danny Homann, Leonie Rainer; Production: Goldstoff Filme GmbH; Director: Mark Lorei; Screenplay: Charlotte Krafft; Costume Design: Emily Schumann
    25. January 2023 | Is the Oscar coming to Germany? "Nothing New in the West" (costume design: Lisy Christl) has been nominated for nine Oscars and "Tár" (costume design: Bina Daigeler) has also received six nominations. Both costume designers used costumes from Theaterkunst for these films. In some cases they borrowed matching pieces from the fundus and there are also productions by our dressmakers! The award ceremony will take place on 12 March 2023.
  • BERLINALE 2023
    24. January 2023 | Ten productions with costumes from our collection will be shown at the Berlinale 2023 and two of them are even in the competition for the Golden Bear! The film festival starts on 16 February in Berlin. // Wettbewerb "Ingeborg Bachmann - Reise in die Wüste" – Costume Designer: Uli Simon // "Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen" – Costume Designer: Gitti Fuchs // Berlinale Special "Der vermessene Mensch" – Costume Designer: Esther Walz // "Sonne und Beton" – Costume Designer: Elke von Sievers // „Infinity Pool“ – Costume Designer: Mária Fatér // Generation 14plus "Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war" – Costume Designer: Katrin Unterberger // Showcase „Up Next: Germany“ "Davos" – Costume Designers: Ute Paffendorf & Fred Fenner // "Herrhausen – Der Herr des Geldes“ – Costume Designer: Peri De Braganca // Berlinale Series "Spy/Master"– Costume Designer: Sosa Juristovszky // Hommage Steven Spielberg "Bridge of Spies" – Costume Designer: Kasia Maimone
    23. January 2023 | At this year's Grimme Prize, theatre art costumes are included in nine productions nominated in the category "Competition Fiction". The winners of the 59th Grimme Prize will be announced on 21 March 2023 at the Filmhaus Köln. The awards ceremony will take place on 21 April at the Theatre of the City of Marl. 1899 - Costume Design: Bina Daigeler // The Wannsee Conference - Costume Design: Esther Walz // Honecker and the Pastor - Costume Design: Lucie Bates // Pretty Face - Costume Design: Teresa Grosser // Kleo - Costume Design: Ramona Klinikowski // Oh Hell - Costume Design: Kaya Kürten // Safe - Costume Design: Barbara Grupp // Ze Network - Costume Design: Dorota Budna // Alice - Costume Design: Petra Kray
    20. January 2023 | The series "Asbest" is now available at ARD mediathek. The career of the talented footballer Momo, played by German rapper Xidir aka Koder Alian, comes to an abrupt end due to a robbery. He has to swap the football pitch for a completely foreign world. Costumes from Theaterkunst support the production. Starring Lulu Hacke, David Kross, Anatole Taubman, Jasmin Tabatabai, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Claudia Michelsen, Jan Georg Schütte, Detlev Buck, Frederick Lau, Nicolette Krebitz, Sabin Tambrea; Production: Pantaleon Films GmbH; Director: Kida Khodr Ramadan; Costume Design: Tabassom Charaf
    19. January 2023 | Costume designer Grith Deleuran is nominated for "Costume Designer of the Year" at the Danish Film Awards for the feature film "De forbandede år 2" (Out of the Darkness). The production is set in the 2nd World War and was equipped by us with historical uniforms. The renowned "Robert Prize" - also called the Danish Oscar - of the Danish Film Academy honours special film and television productions for the 39th time. The prize is awarded on 4 February in Copenhagen.
    19. January 2023 | Part of the time travel programme "Triff...Eleonore of Aquitaine" (Kika) was filmed at Theaterkunst. Our colleague Bettina was on hand to advise presenter Clarissa Corrêa da Silva in the historical costume hall. Available in the ARD-Mediathek. From minute 13:55 you can see our collection. Available in the ARD-Mediathek. Starting at minute 13:55, our trove can be seen. To the video: Link
    17. January 2023 | Costumes from our collection were used in 16 (!) films in the shortlist for the German Film Award. We love it when we see the great work the costume designers do to give a film and its characters a very special look. The nomination announcement will take place on 24 March. Einfach mal was Schönes – costume design: Katharina Ost // Grand Jeté – costume design: Waris Klampfer // Im Westen nichts Neues – costume design: Lisy Christl // In einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt – costume design: Regina Tiedeken // Irgendwann werden wir uns alles erzählen – costume design: Gitti Fuchs // Mittagsstunde – costume design: Anette Schröder // Rheingold – costume design: Katrin Aschendorf // Servus Papa, see you in hell – costume design: Nicole Fischnaller // Sonne und Beton – costume design: Elke von Sivers // Die stillen Trabanten – costume design: Juliane Maier // The Ordinaries – costume design: Sophie Peters // Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war – costume design: Katrin Unterberger // Die Känguru-Verschwörung – costume design: Nici Zinell // Der vermessene Mensch – costume design: Esther Walz // Der Räuber Hotzenplotz – costume design: Heiner Wiedemann // Die Schule der magischen Tiere 2 – costume design: Sonja Hesse
  • BONN
    17. January 2023 | Start of the six-part ARD series "Bonn - Old Friends, New Enemies". The pivotal point is the then federal capital Bonn in 1954 - in the middle of the Cold War. Costume designer Petra Kray borrowed costumes from our collection for this political thriller between rival secret services, old-Nazi networks and a woman who gets caught between these fronts. Starring Mercedes Müller, Max Riemelt, Sebastian Blomberg, Juergen Maurer, Martin Wuttke; Production: Odeon Fiction GmbH, Wilma Film; Director: Claudia Garde; Costume Design: Petra Kray
    13. January 2023 | Congratulations to costume designer Bina Daigeler for her nomination at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in the category "Excellence in Contemporary Film" for her work on the film "Tár". In our November newsletter she already said in an interview about "Tár": "The special thing about the costume design of TÁR is: it is contemporary and I thought in itself that it won't attract much attention, but somehow it did. I think it's because the film as a whole is just rounded and a lot of things are coherent. And Cate Blanchett is incredible, of course!"
    11. January 2023 | With excellent ratings, the ZDF series "Gestern waren wir noch Kinder" (Yesterday we were still children) is convincing. In three episodes, we see how an outwardly ideal family world collapses and that the reasons for the catastrophe lie in the past. Costume designer Mirjam Muschel has chosen costumes from our collection for this project. Starring Ulrich Tukur, Karoline Eichhorn, Julia Beautx, Torben Liebrecht, Damian Hardung, Julius Nitschkoff, Maria Simon; Production: Seven Dogs Filmproduktion GmbH; Director: Nina Wolfrum; Costume Design: Mirjam Muschel
    11. January 2023 | Cate Blanchett won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role as the fictional star conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in the film "Tár". Costume designer Bina Daigeler found some of the contemporary costumes in our collection. "Tár" can also be seen in German cinemas from February 23, 2023.
    9. January 2023 | Three months to go until the premiere of the musical "Scholl - Die Knopse der Weißen Rose" at the Fürth Theater. 2023 marks the 80th anniversary of the arrest and execution of the Scholl siblings. Costume designer Conny Lüders has borrowed costumes from our fundus, which will soon make their grand appearance on stage. With Sandra Leitner, Alexander Auler, Judith Caspari, Fin Holzwart, Karolin Konert, Dennis Hupka, Lina Gerlitz, among others; musical by Titus Hoffmann and Thomas Borchert; Costume design: Conny Lüders
    5. January 2023 | On Dutch TV, the first episode of the series "De Stamhouder" was shown on NPO 1 with costumes from our collection. Costume designer Margriet Procee borrowed a variety of men's and women's clothing and uniforms from us for this project. Among others with Sallie Harmsen, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Marcel Hensema, Robert de Hoog, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen; director: Diederik van Rooijen; costume designer: Margriet Procee
    21. December 2022 | Story House Pictures shot the second season of "Sisi" for RTL+, which will be shown on free TV. This time it is again about the Austrian empress Elisabeth, whose life was mainly determined by the outside world. The six-part series can be seen on RTL on Dec. 27 and 28, 2022, and is also available on RTL+. Starring, among others, Dominique Devenport, Jannik Schümann, Désirée Nosbusch; Production: Story House Pictures GmbH; Director: Sven Bohse, Miguel Alexandre; Costume: Daiva Petrulyté
    21. December 2022 | On December 22, "The Sheik" will launch as the first German in-house production on the streaming portal Paramount+, which has been available in this country since the beginning of December. Svenja Gassen and her team are responsible for the costume design of the 8-part series. Inspired by true events, the series tells the story of an unprecedented con job. Ringo (Björn Meyer), a family man from the Black Forest, reinvents himself as the illegitimate son of a billionaire Arab dynasty. In addition to costumes from our collection, made to measure pieces from our workshop were used. Starring Björn Meyer, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Philippe Graber, ; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Director: Dani Levy, Johannes Naber; Costume Design: Svenja Gassen
  • Opening hours 2022/2023
    20. December 2022 | From Tuesday, 27 Dec 2022, to Friday, 30 Dec 2022, we will be open for your projects as usual from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm (on Fridays until 3:45 pm). Some colleagues are on their well-deserved Christmas vacation. We therefore ask you to make an appointment in advance for your visit in Eisenzahnstraße and Forckenbeckstraße.
    13. December 2022 | "All quiet on the western front" (costume design: Lisy Christl) is nominated for a Golden Globe as "Best Foreign Language Film". Tár" (costume design: Bina Daigeler) is nominated in the categories "Best Film - Drama", "Best Screenplay" and "Best Actress - Drama". Included: costumes from our collection. The award ceremony will take place on January 10, 2023.
  • Der Räuber Hotzenplotz
    8. December 2022 | Cinema release for "Der Räuber Hotzenplotz"! The most famous robber from the pen of Otfried Preußler is once again on the prowl. Kasperl and his friend Seppel set out on an adventurous journey to catch him. We couldn't bring the coffee grinder to the grandmother, but some costumes for the film came from our fundus. Starring Nicholas Ofczarek, Hans Marquardt, Benedikt Jenke, August Diehl, Hedi Kriegeskotte, Luna Wedler; Production: Claussen & Putz Filmproduktion GmbH; Director: Michael Krummenacher; Costume Design: Rudolf Jost, Heiner Wiedemann
    7. December 2022 | Congratulations to "1899" (Costume Design: Bina Daigeler) and "KLEO" (Costume Design: Ramona Klinikowski) for being nominated for Best Foreign Language Series at the 2023 Critics Choice Awards, which will be held in Los Angeles on January 15, 2023.
    5. December 2022 | Congratulations to Kaya Kürten for the DAfFNE "Best Costume Design" for "Oh Hell"! In the series, we look into the life of 24-year-old Helene (Emde), who slithers from one botched job to another and from one interpersonal disaster to the next. Some of the production's costumes come from our collection. Starring Mala Emde, Edin Hasanovic, Salka Weber, Knut Berger, Birgit Berthold, Svenja Jung; Production: Good Friends Filmproduktions GmbH; Director: Simon Ostermann, Lisa Miller; Costume Design: Kaya Kürten
    2. December 2022 | The two-part biopic "Alice" tells the eventful life of "Emma" founder Alice Schwarzer and is available in the ARD-Mediathek. The 21-year-old Alice (Nina Gummich) finds her way to journalism in the early 60s and becomes politically active. She stands up for women's rights, takes action against the abortion ban and stands up to critics. We supported the production with costumes. Starring Nina Gummich, Thomas Guené, Katharina Schüttler; Production: Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion GmbH; Director: Nicole Weegmann; Costume Design: Petra Kray
    1. December 2022 | Cinema release for the film "Die stillen Trabanten," in which three short stories from Clemens Mayer's novel of the same name were filmed. Stories from the night about lost battles and overwhelming desires. A cleaning lady, a hairdresser, a security guard, an immigrant, two snack bar operators - all interwoven. And in the middle of it all: costumes from Theaterkunst. Starring Martina Gedeck, Nastassja Kinski, Peter Kurth, Charly Hübner, Albrecht Schuch, Irina Starshenbaum, Andreas Döhlen; Production: Sommerhaus Filmproduktion GmbH; Director: Thomas Stuber; Costume Design: Juliane Maier
    30. November 2022 | Start for the German comedy series "Love Addicts" on Amazon Prime. Four twenty-somethings get help from Annette Frier as a therapist in matters of love confusion...with quite unconventional methods. The eight episodes are produced for Amazon Studios. A large part of the costumes was put together by Metin Misdik at Theaterkunst. Starring Annette Frier, Malaya Stern Takeda, Dimitri Abold, Magdalena Laubisch, Anselm Bresgott, Dana Herfurth; Production: Warner Bros. International Television Production, Amazon Studios; Directed by Arabella Bartsch and Janosch Chavez-Kreft; Costume Design: Metin Misdik
    24. November 2022 | Filming starts on the six-part high-end historical drama series DAVOS. Inspired by true events, DAVOS tells the fictionalized story of a strong young woman in the midst of a patriarchally dominated world at the beginning of the 20th century, who evolves over the course of the story into a central player in the First World War. We supported the production with period costumes. With Dominique Devenport, Jeanette Hain, David Kross, among others; production: Constrast Film, Letterbox Filmproduktion, Amalia Film; directors: Anca Miruna Lăzărescu and Jan-Eric Mack; costume design: Ute Paffendorf, Fred Fenner
    22. November 2022 | Start of shooting for the production "Stockholm Bloodbath". The film follows Anne and Freja on their quest for revenge against the men who murdered their family. They end up in Stockholm of 1520, where they are drawn into a political power struggle between Sweden and Denmark that ends in one of the most brutal events in Swedish history. We supported the production with 16th century costumes. Starring Sophie Cookson, Claes Bang, Emily Beecham, Alba August, Adam Pålsson, Matias Varela, Ulrich Thomsen, Jakob Oftebro, among others; Production: Paprika Studios; Director: Mikael Håfströms; Costume Design: Judit Sinkovics, Dóra Ökrös / Ambra Costume Kft.
    17. November 2022 | Cinema release for Karoline Herfurth's latest directorial effort. In "Einfach mal was Schönes," radio host Karla just can't find the right man to start a family. So she decides to tackle "Project Baby" on her own. As is so often the case, everything turns out differently than expected. Starring Karoline Herfurth, Nora Tschirner, Milena Tscharntke, Ulrike Kriener, Aaron Altaras, Jasmin Shakeri; Production: Hellinger/Doll Filmproduktion; Director: Karoline Herfurth; Costume Design: Katharina Ost
    17. November 2022 | One night, 17-year-old Tim, a singing student at the legendary Mozart boarding school in the Austrian Alps, discovers a centuries-old secret portal that catapults him into the fantastic world of Mozart's "The Magic Flute". We supported the movie with costumes from our collection. Starring Jack Wolfe, Asha Banks, Iwan Rheon, F. Murray Abraham, Stéfi Celma; Production: Flute Film GmbH, Tobis Film GmbH; Director: Florian Sigl; Costume Design: Esther Amuser
  • 1899
    17. November 2022 | Start for the new Netflix series "1899" by the "Dark" duo Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. The mystery series is about a group of migrants who leave Europe for America by ship at the end of the 19th century. On the Atlantic Ocean, they meet another emigrant ship. The journey thus takes a nightmarish turn. Starring Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, Andreas Pietschmann and others; Production: Dark Ways GmbH; Director: Baran bo Odar; Costume Design: Bina Daigele
    14. November 2022 | ARD series "Lamia" starting today. Eight episodes show how it feels for 23-year-old Lamia to live between different cultures, traditions and beliefs. Her parents come from Algeria and lived in the GDR. With Amina Merai, Shadi Eck, Raschid Daniel Sidgi, Morgane Ferru; Production: Turbokultur GmbH; Director: Süheyla Schwenk; Costume Design: Claudia Karla Koch
    8. November 2022 | The eight-part drama series SOULS centers on three women whose lives irreversibly go off the rails. The German in-house production will be available on Sky from November 8, 2022, and we have provided it with costumes. After a serious car accident, the boy Jacob believes he remembers his former life as the pilot of a lost passenger plane. Can our souls wander or is Jacob just making it all up? Starring Brigitte Hobmeier, Julia Koschitz, Aaron Kissiov, Lili Epply, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Selam Tadese, Godehard Giese; Production: Geißendörfer Pictures GmbH, Director: Alex Eslam, Hanna Maria Heidrich; Costume Designer: Nicole Fischnaller
    1. November 2022 | Starting today, the eight-part series ZE NETWORK can be seen on RTL+. David Hasselhoff and Henry Hübchen play themselves in the black-humored agent thriller and get to know each other as actors in a theater. The Hoff gets a starring role in a German stage show that puts him at the center of an international conspiracy of former Cold War assassins. We are happy to be involved with our costumes. Starring: Henry Hübchen, David Hasselhoff, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Maximilian Mundt; Production: Syrreal Entertainment GmbH, CBS Television Studios; Director: Christian Alvart; Costume Design: Dorota Budna
    21. October 2022 | The eight-part series "Das Netz - Spiel am Abgrund" is available from today in the ARD media library and will be broadcast linearly on November 3. In this new format, several independently produced national series intertwine and become an overall cross-national narrative. Each series stands on its own, yet reaches into the story of the other series. This results in deep insights behind the scenes of world soccer. We supported the production with some contemporary costumes. With Birgit Minichmayr, Raymond Thiry, Max von der Groeben, Tom Wlaschiha, Gaetano Bruno, Eva Mattes, among others; Production: Sommerhaus Serien GmbH; Director: Nick Ostermann; Costume Design: Sabine Keller
    21. October 2022 | In "Rheingold" (cinema release: October 27, 2022), director and screenwriter Fatih Akin traces the story surrounding the eventful life of Giwar Hajabi, alias Xatar (Emilio Sakraya). As an immigrant, he made it from social housing to the top of the music charts. Our costumes supported the filming in flashbacks and contemporary scenes. Among others with Emilio Sakraya, Kardo Razzazi, Mona Pirzad; Production: Bombero International GmbH & Co KG; Director: Fatih Akin; Costume Design: Katrin Aschendorf
    20. October 2022 | Five awards for productions with costumes from Theaterkunst! The "Blue Panther - TV & Streaming Award" (formerly the Bavarian Television Award) was presented in Munich. For the first time, in addition to German TV productions, German productions by streaming providers and moving image formats by German web creators for online platforms were also considered and awarded. Category Best Director / Fiction: Julia von Heinz for the series "Eldorado KaDeWe" (Costume Design: Maxi Munzert) /// Category Best Screenplay / Fiction: Bob Konrad, Hanno Hackfort and Thomas Pletzinger for the series "Funeral for a Dog" (Costume Design: Silke Faber) /// Category Best Actress / Fiction: Soma Pysall for her performance in the series "Para - Wir sind King" (costume design: Nici Zinell) /// Best Actor / Fiction category: Peter Kurth for his performance in the series "Ferdinand von Schirach - Glauben" (costume design: Max Wohlkönig) /// Most Popular Series / Fiction category: "Die Discounter" (costume design: Nicole Pleuler)
    10. October 2022 | On 10 October 2022, the film "Martha Liebermann" will be shown on ARD, also available in the Mediathek. In Berlin 1943, the Jewish Martha Liebermann, widow of the painter Max Liebermann, is faced with the question of whether to stay or flee to Switzerland with the resistance group "Solf-Kreis" to escape the Nazis. We supported the production with authentic costumes from the 20s, 30s and 40s. With Thekla Carola Wied, Lana Cooper, Franz Hartwig, Fritzi Haberland, Rüdiger Vogler, among others; Production: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co KG; Director: Stefan Bühling; Costume Design: Aenne Plaumann
    7. October 2022 | In a Making Of for "The Empress" the focus was put on the costumes as well as costume designer Gabriela Reumer. A nice recognition for her and her team as well as costume design itself. "All the costumes she made for Elisabeth but also for all the other roles capture the essence of the characters so well and so multilayered." - Devrim Lingnau (Elisabeth, not Sisi). TO THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE
    7. October 2022 | On October 8, the fourth season of the successful series BABYLON BERLIN starts on SKY. We supported the project again with our costumes. The plot begins on New Year's Eve 1930/31 and, as usual, tells world events from the perspective of the characters, who continue to dance in the Moka Efti - this time to the voice of Max Raabe - while the world faces the catastrophe. Starring Volker Bruch, Liv Lisa Fries, Lars Eidinger; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Directors: Henk Handloegten, Achim von Borries, Tom Tykwer; Costume Design: Pierre-Yves Gayraud
    5. October 2022 | The historical feature film "War Sailor" enters the race for Norway on the shortlist for the 95th Oscar® in the category "Best International Film". Following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, it was screened at Filmfest Hamburg in early October. Stefanie Bieker is responsible for the costume design. We supported the production with costumes from the 1940s from our collection. What it's about: In the turmoil of World War 2 in Norway, civilian sailor Alfred and his family get caught between the fronts and fight for their lives and everything that means something to them. Starring Kristoffer Joner, Pål Sverre Hagen, Ine Marie Wilmann; Production: Rohfilm Factory, LETTERBOX FILMPRODUKTION in co-production with NDR and Falkun Films; Director: Gunnar Vikene; Costume Design: Stefanie Bieker
    5. October 2022 | Congratulations to the two nominees in costume design for the DAfFNE of the German Academy of Television: Kaya Kürten for "Oh Hell" and Ingken Benesch for "The Billion Dollar Code". Costumes from our collection are used in both productions. We are pleased that the great work of the two costume designers has received the appropriate recognition. The tenth "DAfFNE" award ceremony will take place on December 3, 2022 in Berlin.
    29. September 2022 | Three high-profile starts in one day with costumes from Theaterkunst is a lot for us, too. Let's go! Starting today in cinemas: "All Quiet On The Western Front" (costume design: Lisy Christl) and "die Schule der magischen Tiere 2" (costume design: Sonja Hesse). Costumes for both productions were made in our workshop. And if you like to stay at home, you can watch "Die Kaiserin" (costume design: Gabriela Reumer) from your sofa starting today. #theaterkunst #costumefundus
    26. September 2022 | The final take has been made for the feature film "Akiko, der fliegende Affe". The film was shot in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Meret Becker has taken on the role of the zoo director, Benno Fürmann that of the zookeeper, Heike Makatsch plays the police director. The costumes come from Theaterkunst. Starring Heike Makatsch, Meret Becker, Benno Fürmann, Arnel Taci; Production: Veit Helmer-Filmproduktion; Director: Veit Helmer; Costume Design: Magdalena Ulrich
    23. September 2022 | Let's go North! Denmark, 17th century: German soldier Ludvig Kahlen heads to the wild heaths of Jutlan to open them up at the behest of the Danish king. There he confronts a ruthless nature, the baseness of a manor and his own dogged pride. We provided costumes for the production with Mads Mikkelsen. Starring Mads Mikkelsen, Amanda Collin, Gustav Lindh, Simon Bennebjerg; Production: Zentropa Berlin GmbH, Zentropa International Sweden; Director: Nikolaj Arcel; Costume Design: Kristina Ilander
    15. September 2022 | Cinema release for "Lieber Kurt". Based on the bestseller novel "Kurt" by Sarah Kuttner, a film has been made in which a patchwork family has to cope with the death of their child. Each in their own way and with flashbacks to a more beautiful time together. We provided the production with costumes from our collection. Starring Til Schweiger, Franziska Machens, Levi Wolter, Jasmin Gerat, Heiner Lauterbach; Production: Barefoot Films; Director: Til Schweiger; Costume Design: LinLin May
    15. September 2022 | Eight German Television Awards 2022 went to productions featuring Theaterkunst costumes. Congratulations to the winners: "Die Wannseekonferenz" - Best TV Film and Best Book Fiction; "The Billion Dollard Code" - Best Multi-part; "Faking Hitler" - Best Drama Series; "Oh Hell" - Best Comedy Series; Moritz Bleibtreu in "Faking Hitler" - Best Actor; "Eldorado KaDeWe - Jetzt ist unsere Zeit" - Best Set Fiction and Best Music. Congratulations!
    13. September 2022 | On September 18, the event series "Das Haus der Träume" starts on RTL+. The 12-part series revives the dramatic German turn of events in Berlin in the late 1920s from the perspective of a young woman and a Jewish family. At the center of the events: the former Jonass department store at what is now Torstraße 1. Around 1,000 different costumes were used for the roles of the main and supporting cast alone, and another 4,000 for the extras. Some of these came from our collection. Starring Naemi Florez, Ludwig Simon, Alexander Scheer, Amy Benkenstein, Nina Kunzendorf; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Directors: Sherry Hormann, Umut Dag; Costume Design: Ute Paffendorf, Fred Fenner
    7. September 2022 | Currently, the movie "Girl you know it's true" is being filmed and our costumes of the 80s are on set. The duo Milli Vanilli wrote an incomparable success story, but also the biggest scandal in music history. At the height of their career, it came to light that the two were not singing themselves. Starring Matthias Schweighöfer, Elan Ben Ali, Tijan Njie; Production: Wiedemann & Berg Film GmbH; Director: Simon Verhoeven; Costume Design: Ingken Benesch
    6. September 2022 | Start of filming for the next part of the series "Haus Kummerveldt". In the middle of the deepest German Empire: Luise von Kummerveldt wants to become world famous, preferably as a writer. But the time around 1900 does not provide "fame" for women - and the female scope of action in this patriarchal society is tighter than the corset they have to wear. With our historical costumes, we have given the production a historical look. Starring Milena Straube, Wolf Danny Homann, Marcel Becker-Neu, Leonie Rainer; Production: Goldstoff Filme GmbH; Director: Mark Lorei; Costume Design: Emily Schumann
  • TÁR
    5. September 2022 | The feature film "Tár" premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett) is the first female conductor of a major German orchestra and has reached the top of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. She lives in Berlin with Sharon (Nina Hoss), who plays first violin, and her daughter. But increasingly there are conflicts with the orchestra... We have equipped the international production with costumes from our collection. Starring Cate Blachett, Nina Hoss, Noémie Merlant, Sophie Kauer; Production: Emjag Productions, Standard Film Company, X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Director: Todd Field; Costume Design: Bina Daigler
    2. September 2022 | Starting today, the six-part series "Lauchhammer - Tod in der Lausitz" is available in the ARD Mediathek. A murder case brings LKA investigator Briegand back to his old home in Lower Lusatia, which he left before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Together with his colleague Gottknecht, he has to dig deep into the region's past and bring up traumatic memories of his own. We have provided the production with costumes from our collection. Starring Mišel Matičević, Odine Johne, Production: MOOVIE GmbH; Director: Till Franzen; Costume Design: Dorothée Kriener
    1. September 2022 | Cinema release for the documentary "Come with me to the Cinema - The Gregors" which takes a look at Erika and Ulrich Gregor. Since 1957, the couple has traveled the world to discover extraordinary films and present them in Berlin. Companions such as Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, Rosa von Praunheim and Doris Dörrie talk about their experiences with the cinephile duo. Above it all is the motto: "A life without cinema is possible, but pointless." We have provided costumes for some scenes and retrospectives. Production: Sandra Ehlermann; Director: Alice Agneskirchner, Costume Design: Heike Fademrecht
    31. August 2022 | German Television Award 2022: We congratulate costume designer Ingken Benesch and set designer Myrna Wolff on their nomination in the category "Best Set Fiction" for the series "The Billion Dollar Code". A total of nine productions are nominated in the various categories, all of which feature costumes from our collection. We are happy and keep our fingers crossed. The award show takes place September 13, 2022. The Wannsee Conference / costume design: Esther Walz // Ein Leben lang / costume design: Lore Tesch // The Billion Dollard Code / costume design: Ingken Benesch // Der Palast / costume design: Monika Jacobs // Faking Hitler / costume design: Sarah Raible and Minsun Kim // Das weiße Schweigen / costume design: Maria Schicker // Oh Hell / costume design: Kaya Kürten // Ferdinand von Schirach - Glauben / costume design: Max Wohlkönig // Eldorado KaDeWe - Jetzt ist unsere Zeit / costume design: Maxi Munzert
    25. August 2022 | Cinema release of "The Kangaroo Conspiracy". This time Marc-Uwe and his kangaroo get to deal with conspiracy theorists on a road trip - aluhut included. Costume designer Nici Zinell is responsible for the costume design and has found some costumes at Theaterkunst. Starring Dimitrij Schaad, Rosalie Thomass, Michael Ostrowski, Petra Kleinert, Benno Fürmann; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Director: Marc-Uwe Kling; Costume Design: Nici Zinell
    24. August 2022 | Shooting starts for the new film by the successful duo Dresen/Stieler. The film "In Liebe, eure Hilde" tells the story of the resistance fighter Hilde Coppi (1909 - 1943). Of a short life, of love and death in Berlin in the 1940s. We support the production with historical costumes. Starring Liv Lisa Fries, Johannes Hegemann, Lena Urzendowsky, Alexander Scheer, Thorsten Merten, Florian Lukas; Production: Pandora Film Produktion GmbH, Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG; Director: Andreas Dresen; Screenplay: Laila Stieler; Costume Design: Birgitt Kilian
    23. August 2022 | Based on Remarque's literary novel, the film adaptation "All Quiet on the Western Front" will be released in theaters on September 29, 2022, and four weeks later on Netflix on October 28, 2022. The film will celebrate its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. We have provided the production with costumes from our uniform hall as well as from our men's and women's collection. Starring Albrecht Schuch, Felix Kammerer, Edin Hasanovic, Moritz Klaus, Daniel Brühl; Production: Amusement Park Film GmbH; Director: Edward Berger; Costume Design: Lisy Christl
    22. August 2022 | In the new image campaign "Kino. Fühlst du." of HDF Kino e.V. costumes from our fundus are used. It was a pleasure for us to support this project. We love the CINEMA! Styling: Marianka Benesch / All information about the campaign:
  • Kleo
    19. August 2022 | KLEO, starring Jella Haase as a GDR spy, is available on Netflix as of today. In the eight-part series, the main character repeatedly slips into different roles thanks to "sensational costumes" (VOGUE). Camouflage is everything! We supported the production with costumes of the turn of the century. Among others with Jella Haase, Dimitrij Schaad, Julius Feldmeier; Production: Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH; Director: Viviane Andereggen and Jano Ben Chaabane; Costume Design: Ramona Klinikowski
    18. August 2022 | Cinema release for the comedy "Jagdsaisonn". Based on a Danish original, the German version of the turbulent weekend trip of three women starts today. We supported the production with men's and women's costumes. Starring Rosalie Thomass, Almila Bagriacik, Marie Burchard, August Wittgenstein; Production: Tobis Film GmbH; Director: Aron Lehmann; Costume Design: Ramona Petersen
    17. August 2022 | The film world loses a great director! Wolfgang Petersen has passed away at the age of 81. He became known in 1981 with the internationally successful film "Das Boot". In the 90s, one hit after the other followed: "In the Line of Fire" with Clint Eastwood, "Air Force One" with Harrison Ford and "Outbreak" with Dustin Hoffmann. The film adaptation of the novel "The Neverending Story" is also unforgettable. In the 2016 remake "Four against the Bank" (costume design: Metin Misdik), among other things, costumes of Theaterkunst were used.
    16. August 2022 | Our costumes can be seen next year in the remake of the popular classic by Erich Kästner. As in the original, four friends experience a series of adventures at a boarding school. Filming has started under the direction of Carolina Hellsgård. Starring Tom Schilling, Trystan Pütter and Hannah Herzsprung; Production: UFA Fiction; Director: Carolina Hellsgård; Costume Design: Teresa Grosser
    5. August 2022 | For the film adaptation of the bestselling novel "Mittagsstunde" (cinema release: 22 September) starring Charly Hübner, we have provided costumes from our collection. The main character, Ingwer, returns to his North Frisian home village to look after his elderly parents. He soon discovers that the village has nothing to do with his childhood. A look back brings many a secret... Starring Charly Hübner, Peter Frank, Hildegard Schmahl, Rainer Bock, Gabriela Marie Schmeide, Gro Swantje Kohlhof; Production: Florida Film GmbH, ZDF; Director: Lars Jessen; Costume Design: Anette Schröder
  • BUBA
    13. July 2022 | The character Buba was extremely popular with fans of the successful Netflix series "How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)". Now "Buba" is getting his own movie! In the prequel, the gangster stumbles from one problem to the next. With him on his adventurous journey through life: costumes from our collection. Starring Bjarne Mädel, Georg Friedrich, Maren Kroymann; Production: btf GmbH; Director: Arne Feldhusen; Costume Design: Silke Faber
    12. July 2022 | Based on true events, the film "In einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt" tells of beauty and elegance in the East, delves into the world of the legendary fashion magazine "Sibylle" and the VEB Exquisit, and ends up in the creative underground as a counter-design to the grey everyday life in the GDR. Many of the costumes are from our collection. In cinemas from 6 October! Starring Sabin Tambrea, Jördis Triebel, Marlene Burow, David Schütter, Claudia Michelsen; Production: Ziegler Film GmbH; Director: Aelrun Goette; Costume Design: Regina Tiedeken
    11. July 2022 | Off on a new bewitching adventure: "Bibi and Tina - Einfach anders" celebrated its world premiere and will be released in cinemas on 21 July 2022. There's never a dull moment at Martin's Farm, because first three new guests come to visit and then it rains meteorites. Costume designer Ulé Barcelos has rented some costumes for the turbulent film. Starring Katharina Hirschberg, Harriet Herbig-Matten, Kurt Krömer, Franziska Weisz, Holger Stockhaus; Production: DCM-Pictures in co-production with Kiddinx Studios; Director: Detlev Buck; Costume Design: Ulé Barcelos
    8. July 2022 | Filming starts on the new Netflix crime series "Sleeping Dogs". Based on the Israeli original "The Exchange Principle", a down-on-his-luck top cop and an aspiring young prosecutor open a closed murder file - and with it Pandora's box. We support the production with costumes from our collection. Starring Max Riemelt, Luise von Finckh, Carlo Ljubek, Peri Baumeister; Production: Real Film Berlin GmbH; Director: Stephan Lacant, Francis Meletzky; Costume Design: Regina Tiedeken
    8. July 2022 | Tip: On Sunday, 17 July 2022, the Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek in Berlin will host a lecture with costumes of Theaterkunst: "Get dressed. Berlin fashion in the 1920s - If they could talk - 1920s fashion to touch!" Costume historian Bettina Köhler will provide insights into the staging of historical themes in German film and television. Start: 2 p.m., free admission - To the event
    6. July 2022 | Theatrical release for the unlucky one from the popular children's books. Alfons Zitterbacke goes on a class trip and is also in love with classmate Leonie. For the adventurous journey, some costumes come from Theaterkunst. Among others with Luis Vorbach, Leopold Ferdinand Schill, Lisa Moell, Alexandra Maria Lara, Thorsten Merten; Production: XFilme Creative Pool GmbH; Director: Mark Schlichter; Costume design: Saskia Richter
    30. June 2022 | The Munich Film Festival is in full swing. A total of nine productions can be seen in which costumes from our collection are used! A cross-section of our entire repertoire: children's, women's and men's, contemporary and historical, ready-made, uniforms - everything is there. „Das Haus der Träume“ – Costume Design: Ute Paffendorf & Fred Fenner // „Das Netz – Ein Wintermärchen“ – Costume Design: Sabine Keller // „Der Räuber Hotzenplotz“ – Costume Design: Rudolf Jost & Heiner Wiedemann // „Für Jojo“ – Costume Design: Tina Eckhoff // „Jagdsaison“ – Costume Design: Ramona Petersen // „Lauchhammer“ – Costume Design: Dorothée Kriener // „Munich Games“ – Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller // „Ramstein – Das durchstoßene Herz“ – Costume Design: Esther Amuser // „Strafe – Ferdinand von Schirach“ – Costume Design: Tina Eckhoff
    22. June 2022 | On the occasion of the 150th birthday of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, the Fondation Beyeler in Switzerland is dedicating a comprehensive exhibition to him. Part of the exhibition is the short film "Piet & Mondrian" by director Lars Kraume. Piet Mondrian is portrayed by Lars Eidinger. The costume is from our men's wardrobe. Thanks to Lars & Lars for the beautiful project. To the exhibition trailer: LINK
    21. June 2022 | On 29 September 2022, the mini-series "Die Kaiserin" will start on Netflix. The rebellious young Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) and a still inexperienced ruler Franz-Joseph fight against a court full of constraints, power struggles and intrigues. We supported the production with costumes of this very special time in the middle of the 19th century. Starring Devrim Lingnau, Philip Froissant, Almila Bagriacik, Elisa Schlott, Melika Foroutan, Johannes Nussbaum, Jördis Triebel, Svenja Jung; Production: Sommerhaus Serien GmbH; Director: Katrin Gebbe, Florian Cossen; Costume Design: Gabriela Reumer
    21. June 2022 | The TV film "Martha" is currently celebrating its premiere at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and is the only German production to enter the race for the coveted Golden Nymphs this year. Thekla Carola Wied plays Martha Liebermann, the wife of the painter Max Liebermann (Rüdiger Vogler) in the historical drama. The story is told of the Solf Circle: a resistance group led by women who tried by all means to prevent the deportation of the Jewess Martha Liebermann. A selection of costumes comes from our women's collection. Starring Thekla Carola Wied, Rüdiger Vogler, Johanna Polley, Daniel Noël Fleischmann, Lana Cooper, Franz Hartwig and Fritzi Haberlandt; Production: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG and MIA Film on behalf of ARD Degeto for ARD; Director: Stefan Bühling; Costume Design: Aenne Plaumann
  • A E I O U - A quick alphabet of love
    16. June 2022 | Cinema release for "A E I O U - A quick alphabet of love". A woman and a thief - an impossible love story. She thought it would never happen to her again. He didn't even know such a thing existed. With Sophie Rois, Udo Kier, Milan Herms, among others; Production: Komplizen Film GmbH; Director: Nicolette Krebitz; Costume Design: Tabassom Charaf
    7. June 2022 | Based on true events, the film tells of beauty and elegance in the East, delves into the world of the legendary fashion magazine "Sibylle" and the VEB Exquisit and ends up in the creative underground as a counter-design to the grey everyday life in the GDR. Many of the costumes are from our collection. Starring Marlene Burow, Sabin Tambrea, David Schütter, Claudia Michelsen, Peter Schneider, Jördis Triebel; Production: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG, Tobis Film GmbH; Director: Aelrun Goette; Costume Design: Regina Tiedeken
    2. June 2022 | Eight-year-old Nina was born Niklas. But it is clear to Nina that she has always been a girl and finally wants to live as one. Family life comes apart at the seams and everyone has to find their way to cope with the news. Contemporary costumes from Theaterkunst support this touching family story. With Arian Wegener, Michael Wittenborn, Friederike Becht, Ulrich Brandhoff, Ludwig Samuel Ott, among others; Production: Zhivago Film GmbH; Director: Karin Heberlein; Costume Design: Sonja Greif
    20. May 2022 | The bestselling novel "Die Mittagsfrau" by Julia Franck is currently being filmed. It tells the story of Hélène, who experiences her coming of age and the love of her life in the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties. Our authentic costumes from that time ensure the perfect look. Starring Max von der Groeben, Mala Emde; Production: Lucky Bird Pictures; Director: Barbara Albert; Costume Design: Veronika Albert  
    19. May 2022 | Cinema release for "Leander Haußmann's Stasi Comedy". After "NVA" and "Sonnenallee", this film is the ending of an extraordinary GDR trilogy. A thick Stasi file and the realisation that every little secret was written down... The costumes are partly from our collection. The film has been nominated four times for the LOLA, among others in the category "Best Costume Design". Starring David Kross, Tom Schilling, Henry Hübchen, Jörg Schüttauf, Detlev Buck, Margarita Broich; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Director: Leander Haußmann; Costume Design: Janina Brinkmann
    18. May 2022 | Shooting starts for the ARD Degeto film "Hauke Haiens Tod" (AT). Our costumes support the Schimmelreiter adaptation based on the book by Andrea Paluch and Robert Habeck. Based on Theodor Storm's famous master novella, the event film tells of a community of fate on the Frisian North Sea coast. When a devastating storm tide tears a family apart, trauma is unleashed. Starring Anton Spieker, Detlev W. Buck, Franziska Weisz, Philine Schmölzer; Production: Nordfilm GmbH, ARD Degeto; Director: Andreas Prochaska; Costume Design: Christine Ludwig
    17. May 2022 | The Lette Verein Berlin invited us to their podcast "Lett's talk". It was a pleasure for us to talk about our work and give tips to the young fashion and costume designers. To the podcast:
    14. May 2022 | In season 3 of the Sky series "Das Boot", the team around costume designer Chattoune again relies on our trove. Our historical costumes can be seen on Sky from 14 May. Starring Franz Dinda, Rick Okon, Alessandro Schuster, Tom Wlaschiha, Fritzi Haberlandt; Production: Bavaria Fiction GmbH, Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG; Director: Hans Steinbichler, Dennis Gansel, Klaus Biedermann; Costume Design: Chattoune
  • 10K
    13. May 2022 | 10K! Our digitalisation process is progressing. Since the beginning of the year, our staff have photographed, tagged and RFID-tagged 10,000 costume pieces and integrated them into our digital inventory management system. Chapeau! Here's to the next 10K.
    12. May 2022 | Congratulations to the nominees in the category "Best Costume Design" for the German Film Award 2022. Costumes from Theaterkunst can be seen in three of the four nominated productions: "Große Freiheit" (costume design: Tanja Hausner), "Leander Haußmann's Stasikomödie" (costume design: Janina Brinkmann) and "Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush" (costume design: Birgitt Kilian). The award ceremony will take place on 24 June 2022 in Berlin.
    12. May 2022 | This documentary feature film tells the life story of the versatile artist Heinrich Vogeler, who died in Soviet exile in 1942. It is a radical search for meaning in times of great upheaval that raises universal questions about the understanding and responsibility of art. Our costumes support the authentic image of the production. Starring Florian Lukas, Anna Maria Mühe, Alice Dwyer, Johann von Bülow, Samuel Finzi; Production: Kinescope Film GmbH; Director: Marie Noëlle; Costume Design: Dorota Budna
    11. May 2022 | Our 1920s period costumes support the bizarre vampire comedy, based on the award-winning screenplay by Julian Radlmaier. With a cast that includes Andreas Döhler, Corinna Harfouch, Alexandre Koberidze, Lilith Stangenberg; Production: faktura film GmbH in co-produktion with WDR / arte; Direction: Julian Radlmaier; Costume Design: Sara Wendt
    6. May 2022 | The mystic series "Oderbruch" is currently being filmed in Görlitz. A serial murder case seems to be connected to an old case during the Oder flood in 1997. Ex-police officer Maggie (Karoline Schuch) and detective superintendent Roland Voit (Felix Kramer) meet again in their old home after 20 years. What they uncover takes them to the limit of the imaginable... We have provided costumes for the series, which will be shown exclusively in the ARD-Mediathek. Starring Karoline Schuch, Felix Kramer, Lukas Gregorowicz, Winfried Glatzeder, Robert Glatzeder; Production: Syrreal Entertainment, ARD Degeta ; Director: Adolfo J. Kolmerer; Costume Design: Dorota Budna
    5. May 2022 | End of filming for the road movie "Sophia, der Tod und ich". In the film version of the novel by Thees Uhlmann, the doorbell rings at night and none other than Death himself is standing in front of it. Then the ex-girlfriend comes over. The beginning of a crazy journey. The costumes for Charly Hübner's directorial debut come from the Theaerkunst. Starring Dimitrij Schaad, Marc Hosemann, Anna Maria Mühe, Johanna Gastdorf; Production: DCM Pictures GmbH, Bucket GmbH, ZDF - Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen; Director: Charly Hübner; Costume Design: Ule Barcelos
    5. May 2022 | Start of shooting for the feature film "Bachmann & Frisch". The film tells of the life of the author Ingeborg Bachmann (Vicky Krieps) in Berlin, Zurich and Rome, of her relationship with the author Max Frisch (Ronald Zehrfeld), her journey to Egypt and Ingeborg Bachmann's radical texts and readings. A large part of the costumes for women, men and children come from our 1960s collection. Starring Vicky Krieps, Ronald Zehrfeld; Production: Tellfilm GmbH, Heimatfilm GmbH & Co. KG, Amour Fou Film ; Screenplay and direction: Margarethe von Trotta; Costume design: Uli Simon
    2. May 2022 | In the new Netflix production "Rumspringa", a young Amish man travels to Berlin to return to his roots. Alternative lifestyles, love and a big decision await him. The term "Rumspringa" describes a rite of passage among young people in Amish communities. We supported the film with costumes. Starring Jonas Holdenrieder, Timur Bartels, Rauand Taleb, Gizem Emre, Production: Constantin Film GmbH; Director: Mira Thiel; Costume Design: Filiz Ertas
    1. May 2022 | The six-part first season, produced for SKY, was equipped by us with costumes from the 90s. In a coming-of-age story, three young people experience the upheaval of the Wende in the West German provinces. Through a US army base they get to know the world of hip hop and their lives will change forever. Starring Samuel Benito, Andrew Porfitz, Simon Fabian, Paula Hartmann; Production: W&B Television GmbH; screenplay and direction: Florian Gaag; costume designer: Max Wohlkönig
    28. April 2022 | At this year's Jupiter Award - Germany's largest audience award - three productions received prizes in which Theaterkunst costumes were rented. Congratulations! Best Film TV & Streaming National: "Ferdinand von Schirach" / Costume Design: Caterina Czepek // Best Series TV & Streaming National: "Sisi" / Costume Design: Metin Misdik // Best Actress TV & Streaming National: Dominique Devenport ("Sisi") / Costume Design: Metin Misdik // Best Actor TV & Streaming National: Jannik Schümann ("Sisi") / Costume Design: Metin Misdik // Best Actor Cinema National: Otto Waalkes ("Catweazle") / Costume Design: Christine Zahn
    28. April 2022 | Award-winning director Andreas Dresen is currently producing an adaptation of  Laila Stieler's book "Rabiye Kurnaz against George W. Bush". After a successful premiere at the Berlinale 2022 the movie now starts in all cinemas. Our costumes support this political drama. With a cast that includes Meltem Kaptan, Alexander Scheer; Production: Pandora Film Produktion GmbH; Direction: Andreas Dresen; Costume Design: Birgitt Kilian
    25. April 2022 | The family film is set in 1945 shortly before the end of the war. Anna (Lisa Wagner) and her eleven-year-old son Felix (Xari Wimbauer) flee bombed-out Munich and seek shelter in Anna's Lower Bavarian home village. But even there they don't really fit into the world of the convinced National Socialists. Then Felix finds a magical glass room... We equipped the production with costumes from our uniform hall. With Lisa Wagner, Xari Wimbauer, Philipp Hochmair, Luis Vorbach, among others; Production: Lieblingsfilm GmbH; Director: Christian Lerch; Costume Design: Walter Schwarzmeier
    21. April 2022 | It was schön with "Ella Schön". We provided some of the costumes for almost all the seasons. Now, after four years with Ella, the successful film series comes to an end with three new feature-length episodes.They are already available in the ZDF Mediathek and will be shown on 24.4, 1.5 and 8.5.2022, 8:15 pm on ZDF. As Theaterkunst we say: "Bye Ella. That was really good!" With Annette Frier, Julia Richter, among others; Production: Dreamtool Entertainment GmbH; Director: Holger Haase, among others; Costume Design: Anne Jendritzko
    20. April 2022 | The Berliner Woche visited us in Eisenzahnstraße. What Theaterkunst has to do with Schlachtensee and who travelled by ship to try on costumes almost 100 years ago, we told in the interview. To the article: LINK
  • Eingeschlossene Gesellschaft
    14. April 2022 | Cinema release for the film "Eingeschlossene Gesellschaft" based on the play by Jan Weiler. Six members of a teaching staff meet in the staff room shortly before the weekend. Suddenly an ambitious father appears who wants to use all means to get his son admitted to the Abitur. Starring Anke Engelke, Nilam Farooq, Florian David Fitz, Justus von Dohnányi, Thomas Loibl, Torben Kessler, Thorsten Merten; Production: Bantry Bay Productions GmbH,Sony Pictures Entertainment Deutschland GmbH; Director: Sönke Wortmann; Costume Design: Anke Winckler
    12. April 2022 | Our costumes go on a journey through time in this movie. In a parodic outline of human history, hardly an era is left out. The history lesson of a special kind can be seen in the cinema from 16 June. Starring Christoph Maria Herbst, Alexander Schubert, Max Giermann, Barbara Meier, Valerie Niehaus, Christian Tramitz, Ulrich Tukur, Carolin Kebekus; Production: Pantaleon Films GmbH; Director: Erik Haffner; Costume Design: Sandra Jones-Irlenborn
    6. April 2022 | The new six-part anthology series "Strafe" for RTL+ is made up of six dramatic stories based on Ferdinand von Schirach's short stories. A variety of costumes from our collection supports the different cinematic perspectives. With Patrick Joswig, Olli Dietrich, Neshe Demir and many others; Production: Moovie GmbH; Directors: Helene Hegemann, Mia Spengler, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Patrick Vollrath, Hüseyin Tabak, David Wnendt; Costume Designer: Nicole Fischnaller
    4. April 2022 | The incredible story of the first black police officer in Saxony is the first German original series for the streaming platform Disney+. "Sam - A Saxon" is based on the biography of Samuel Njankouo Meffire, who became internationally known in 1992 through an advertising campaign as the first black policeman in East Germany - and ended up in jail himself four years later. Our costumes support the time of the 90s. Starring Malick Bauer, Svenja Jung, Ivy Quainoo, Paula Essam; Production: Big Window Productions, Panthertainment; Director: Soleen Yusef; Costume Design: Jessica Specker
    1. April 2022 | The new ZDF series "Freunde sind mehr" (Friends are more) tells of the power of friendship and of a clique that has stuck together since childhood, even before the fall of the Berlin Wall, until today. We supported the project with costumes from our children's, ladies' and men's collection. With Nicola Fritzen, Greta Galisch de Palma, Anne Weinknecht and Oliver Bröcker, among others. Production: Die Film GmbH Berlin; Director: Dagmar Seume; Costume Design: Brigitte Nierhaus
    30. March 2022 | Cinema release for this emotional romantic drama of the 1980s. Our costumes accompany the story of the idealistic lawyer Barbara Hug, who finds an unexpected ally in the internationally known criminal Walter Stürm, during her fight against the backward Swiss penal system. With a cast that includes Joël Basman, Marie Leuenberger, Jella Haase; Production: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH; Direction: Oliver Rihs; Costume Design: Gudrun Schretzmeier
    19. March 2022 | A new eight part original series from Sky Germany based on Thomas Pletzinger's celebrated novel of the same name. Our contemporary costumes accompany this portrait of a generation between love, freedom and responsibility. With a cast that includes Albrecht Schuch, Friedrich Mücke; Production: Flare Entertainment GmbH; Direction: David Dietl, Barbara Albert; Costume Design: Silke Faber
    18. March 2022 | Jan Josef Liefers returns as director. Recounted is an episode from the time of Germany's reunification, shortly after the collapse of the East German regime with Erich Honecker as head of state. At the time, Honecker and his wife Margot sought refuge in a Protestant parish in Brandenburg. Our 1990s costumes accompany this incredible story. With a cast that includes Hans Uwe Bauer, Steffi Kühnert, Barbara Schnitzler, Edgar Selge; Production: Radio Doria Film GmbH; Direction: Jan Josef Liefers; Costume Design: Lucie Bates
    10. March 2022 | Filmmaker Marie finds a box full of photos and film footage from her childhood on her doorstep. She embarks on an emotional journey through time from the bourgeois economic miracle world of the 50s to the sexual revolt of the 60s. Costumes from Theaterkunst have provided the contemporary look. Starring Margarita Broich, Felizia Trube, Momo Beier, Stella Holzapfel, Bernhard Schütz, Matti Schmidt-Schaller; Production: COIN Film; Director: Petra Seeger; Costume Design: Ulrike Scharfschwerdt
    9. March 2022 | Our managing director Andrea Peters was a guest on "Dritte Klappe - Podcast für Film, Forschung und Wissenstransfer" at the Babelsberg Film University together with set designer Silke Buhr. The result is an hour full of insights into the world of costume and set design. TO THE PODCAST
    1. March 2022 | Shooting starts for the artistic experimental film INTO THE FIELDS with Lars Eidinger as Piet Mondrian. The film is being produced by director Lars Kraume for the Swiss art museum Fondation Beyeler. The matching costumes were found by Lars and Lars in our men's wardrobe. With Lars Eidinger; Production: Lupa Film, Fondation Beyeler; Director: Lars Kraume
    24. February 2022 | An UFA Fiction production commissioned by RTL+, loosely based on true events surrounding the case of the beer king Manfred Meisel. Our 90s costumes were allowed to travel abroad and support the filming of the six-part family drama, which has already begun in Mallorca. With a cast that includes Henning Baum, Pia-Micaela Barucki, Sandra Borgmann; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Damian John Harper; Costume Design: Pieter Bax
    23. February 2022 | Starting today, the six-part series "ZERV - Zeit der Abrechnung" with Nadja Uhl and Fabian Hinrichs can be seen on ARD. All episodes are already available in the ARD Mediathek. Costume designer Silke Sommer borrowed a large part of the costumes for the Wende era from our collection. Starring Nadja Uhl, Fabian Hinrichs, Thorsten Merten, Fritzi Haberlandt; Production: W&B Television, Wilma Film; Director: Dustin Loose; Costume Design: Silke Sommer
    2. February 2022 | In the new episodic film "Wunderschön" (in cinemas from 3.2.2022) by and with Karoline Herfurth, five different worlds were created for five different women. It is about the worries and hardships of women of all ages, about the exaggerated optimisation madness and about the right or wrong decisions of life. Theaterkunst supported the tragicomedy with costumes. Starring Karoline Herfurth, Martina Gedeck, Joachim Król, Nora Tschirner, Emilia Schüle, Dilara Aylin Ziem; Production: Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion; Director: Karoline Herfurth; Costume Design: Gioia Raspé  
    25. January 2022 | In the six-part impro comedy series, a family in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern comes together to say goodbye to their husband and father at the grave. But no sooner is the grave closed than dirty secrets come to light at the funeral service. The production was supported with parts from our collection. Starring Charly Hübner, Devid Striesow, Claudia Michelsen, Christine Schorn, Catrin Striebeck, Enno Trebs, Anja Kling, Luise von Finckh; Production: Florida Film GmbH, ARD; Director: Jan Georg Schütte; Costume Design: Susann Günther
    24. January 2022 | To mark the 80th anniversary, "The Wannsee Conference" will be shown as a film on ZDF on 24 January and is available in the Mediathek. We provided costume pieces from our men's department and the uniform hall. With Philipp Hochmair, Johannes Allmayer, Godehard Giese, Jakob Diehl, among others; Production: Constantin Television GmbH, ZDF; Director: Matti Geschonneck; Costume Design: Esther Walz
    21. January 2022 | As of today, the political thriller "Munich - The Edge of War" by director Christian Schwochow is available on Netflix. Costume designer Frauke Firl has designed a variety of costumes together with our tailors and had them made in our studio. Starring Sandra Hüller, Jannis Niewöhner, George MacKay, Ulrich Matthes, Jeremy Irons, Liv Lisa Fries and August Diehl, among others. Production: Amusement Park Film GmbH; Director: Christian Schwochow; Costume Design: Frauke Firl
  • BERLINALE 2022
    20. January 2022 | This year too, films with costumes by Theaterkunst can be seen at the BERLINALE: „Rabiye Kurnaz gegen George W. Bush“ (Kostümbild: Birgit Kilian) // „A E I O U - Das schnelle Alphabet der Liebe“ (Kostümbild: Tabassom Charaf) // „Komm mit mir in das Cinema - Die Gregors“ (Kostümbild: Heike Fademrecht) // „Grand Jeté“ (Kostümbild – Waris Klampfer) // „L’état et moi“ (Kostümbild – Nina Kroschinske)
  • Nazijäger - Reise in die Finsternis
    18. January 2022 | For the docu-drama "Nazijäger - Reise in die Finsternis" we have provided costumes from the uniform warehouse, among other things. Northern Germany in the post-war period: British soldiers target German war criminals. One of the British is Anton Walter Freud (Franz Hartwig), grandson of the world-famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Available in the ARD Mediathek. With Franz Hartwig, Robin Sondermann, Konstantin Lindhorst, Patrick Güldenberg and others. Production: Spiegel TV GmbH, Aspekt Telefilm-Produktion GmbH; Director: Raymond Ley; Costume Design: Astrid Karras
    13. January 2022 | Cinema release for Kristen Stewart as Lady Diana! The plot of the feature film "Spencer" takes place in 1991. Diana's last Christmas with the royal family becomes her personal nightmare. The production was supported with costumes from Theaterkunst. Starring, among others, Kristen Stewart, Jack Farthing, Sally Hawkins and Sean Harris. Production: Shoebox Films, Fabula, Komplizen Film GmbH; Director: Pablo Larraín; Costume Design: Jaqueline Durran
    7. January 2022 | The fight for survival continues. After the successful first season, the second season of the series "Sløborn" is now starting in the ZDF Mediathek. The six new episodes were again supported with costumes from Theaterkunst. Among others with Emily Kusche, Alexander Scheer, Adrian Grünewald, Aaron Hilmer, Karla Nina Diedrich, Lea van Acken and Wotan Wilke Möhring. Production: Syrreal Entertainment in co-production with ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Tobis Film and Nordisk Film. Director: Christian Alvart; Costume Design: Dorota Budna
    16. December 2021 | Cinema release for "Monte Verità". 1906: Change, fears and hopes shape society. Portrayed is Hanna Leitner, who tries to escape her day-to-day role in life. Our costumes support this historical drama, which could not be more modern. With a cast that includes Maresi Riegner, Max Hubacher, Julia Jentsch, Hannah Herzsprung; Production: Coin Film GmbH; Direction: Stefan Jäger; Costume Design: Veronika Albert
  • SISI
    13. December 2021 | Story House Pictures filmed the life of the Austrian empress Elisabeth for RTL+. The six-part series SISI can be seen on RTL+ from 12.12.2021 and on RTL from 28.12.2021. A large part of the costumes are from Theaterkunst. With Dominique Devenport, Jannik Schümann, Désirée Nosbusch, among others; Production: Story House Pictures GmbH; Director: Sven Bohse; Costume: Metin Misdik
    3. December 2021 | The filming of author Joachim Meyerhoff's autobiographical novel "Wann wird es endlich wieder, wie es nie war" (When will things finally be the way they never were) has been completed. The protagonist grows up as the son of the director on a sprawling psychiatric ward among hundreds of patients. Our costumes support the insanely funny and deeply touching story of an unusual childhood. Starring Laura Tonke, Devid Striesow; Production: Komplizen Film GmbH, Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH; Director: Sonja Heiss; Costume Design: Katrin Unterberger
  • Podcast BFFS
    2. December 2021 | Why Andrea Peters used to echeck out her father's wardrobe, how she became the managing director of Theaterkunst and what the work in the costume collection is all about, she tells us in the BFFS (Bundesverband Schauspiel) podcast "Schauspielheld*innen". To the podcast
    29. November 2021 | For the new music video "Joke" by the South Korean band SE SO NEON, most of the costumes were borrowed from our historic costume hall. The video already has 1.5 million views on YouTube. Wow. Costume design: Anuk Rohde; Link zum Video
    17. November 2021 | We supplied costumes for the fantasy series "Mysterium". In 8 episodes of 12 minutes each, young people get into a parallel world through a mirror, from which they can't easily get back. Available on KIKA and produced on behalf of Bayrischer Rundfunk. Cast: Charlotte Schwab, Safinaz Sattar, Lea Drinda, Shadi Eck, Johan Korte, Timon Joris Holzmann, Jana Klinge; Production: Marcus Roth, Sven Burgemeister, TV60 Filmproduktion for BR; Director: Niklas Weise; Costume design: Friedrich Ngceni
    15. November 2021 | Congratulations to Min Sun Kim and Sarah Raible for the award in the COSTUME category of the "German Academy for Television". For the TV film "Goldjungs" we supported the authentic look of the 1970s with our costumes.
    5. November 2021 | For her new music video "Shiny Things", the wonderful artist Kat Frankie trusted in Theaterkunst when it came to costumes. A great look was created with our historical costumes. Watch the music video on YouTube: Link
    3. November 2021 | On November 18, 2021, our managing director is invited to speak at Ensider's "Forum der Filmwirtschaft Digital". Andrea Peters will give exciting insights on the topic of "Costume digital - How Theaterkunst GmbH is putting a 114-year-old costume collection on the road to the future". To register: LINK
    27. October 2021 | The 55th International Hof Film Festival opened on 26 October with the film "The Black Square". Two art robbers, a cruise ship and a painting that is stolen several times. Always present: the costumes of theatre art. Cast: Bernhard Schütz, Jacob Matschenz, Sandra Hüller; Production: Frisbeefilms GmbH & Co. KG; Director: Peter Meister; Costume Design: Katrin Aschendorf
    21. October 2021 | In the episodic drama THE FRENCH DISPATCH, Wes Anderson brings to life a collection of stories from the latest issue of an American magazine. The plot is set in a fictional French town of the 1950s. We supported the film with our costumes. Cast: Tilda Swinton, Timothée Chalamet, Christoph Waltz, Elisabeth Moss, Bill Murray and Frances McDormand; Production: American Empirical Production, Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures GmbH, Walt Disney Germany; Director: Wes Anderson; Costume Design: Milena Canonero, Stefanie Bruhn
    19. October 2021 | On our own behalf: A short film about our fundus and exciting details about how 10 million costume pieces are digitised. The film was made as part of the "Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Business Talks", where our Managing Director Andrea Peters was a guest. Please visit our YouTube channel
    18. October 2021 | For the new music video of the artist ALLIGATOAH, some costumes were borrowed at Theaterkunst. With almost 500,000 clicks, it is already a success just a few days after release. Watch the music video on YouTube.
    14. October 2021 | Kinostart für „Die Schule der magischen Tiere“. Der erste Teil der beliebten Kinderbuchreihe rund um eine Schulklasse, ihre Lehrerin Miss Cornfield und magische, sprechende Tiere wird neben vielen Kindern auch Eltern begeistern. Mit dabei sind (magische) Kostüme der Theaterkunst. Darsteller: Emilia Maier, Leonard Conrads, Nadja Uhl, Milan Peschl, Marleen Lohse ; Produktion: Kordes & Kordes Film GmbH, Kordes & Kordes Film Süd GmbH, Tele München Fernseh GmbH & Co. (TMG), Wega Filmproduktion; Regie: Gregor Schnitzler; Kostümbild: Esther Amuser, Regina Tiedeken
    8. October 2021 | "The Billion Dollar Code" - The story about an artist-hacker duo from Berlin in the 90s, who years later sue Google, was equipped by costume designer Ingken Benesch. A large part of the costumes come from Theaterkunst! Available now as a four-part series on Netflix. Cast: Mark Waschke, Mišel Matičević, Leonard Scheicher, Lavina Wilson; Production: Kundschafter Filmproduktion GmbH, Sunny Side Up GmbH; Director: Robert Thalheim; Costume Design: Ingken Benesch
    5. October 2021 | Costume designer Margriet Procee was awarded the "Golden Calf" for "Best Costume Design" at this year's Nederlands Film Festival. For the film DE SLAG OM DE SCHELDE (THE FORGOTTEN BATTLE), a large part of the costumes came from Theaterkunst.
    4. October 2021 | The "German Film Award 2021" in the category "Best Costume Design" goes to Tanja Hausner for the film "Schachnovelle"! We would like to congratulate on the LOLA and are happy to have been part of it as a costume fundus.
    30. September 2021 | The FILMFEST HAMBURG opens on 30 September with the film "Große Freiheit". The impressive drama focuses on the criminalisation of homosexuals in post-war Germany. A large part of the costumes comes from our collection. Starring Franz Rogowski, Georg Friedrich; Production: Rohfilm Productions GmbH, FreibeuterFilm GmbH; Director: Sebastian Meise; Costume Design: Tanja Hausner
    23. September 2021 | Theaterkunst will be closed on Friday, 29 October 2021 and Friday, 26 November 2021. We will be tidying up again and sorting returned clothes into our fundus. The cleaning days regularly take place on the last Friday of the month! Thank you for your understanding.
    22. September 2021 | The "German Academy for Television" has announced this year's nominations. In the costume design category, "Das Geheimnis des Totenwaldes" (Maria Schicker), "Goldjungs" (Minsun Kim & Sarah Raible) and "The Mopes" (Sabine Keller) are nominated. We are proud to be part of all three productions with our costumes.
    13. September 2021 | We congratulate costume designer Gabriele Binder and her team on winning the CREATIVE ARTS EMMY in the category "Outstanding Period Costumes" for the Netflix production THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT. In the successful series, Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) is not only admired for her chess skills. Above all, her looks from the 50s and 60s caused a storm of enthusiasm.
    13. September 2021 | The "German Television Award 2021" for "Best Set / Fiction" goes to the team of "Das Geheimnis des Totenwaldes". We are happy for and with costume designer Maria Schicker. She found a large part of the costumes in our collection. Congratulations!
    9. September 2021 | In a podcast interview with "Women in Film and Television Germany" (WIFT), our Managing Director Andrea Peters talks about the work of the costume department, the digitisation of a company that is over 100 years old and her professional career. Link to Podcast
    30. August 2021 | We have been a partner of the "Deutscher Schauspielpreis" since 2016. This year, too, we are outfitting the moderation duo with clothes from our collection. The prize is awarded annually by the Bundesverband Schauspiel e.V. (BFFS). (BFFS) in a gala event by actors for actors.
    19. August 2021 | The nominations for the "German Film Award" have been announced. In the category "Best Costume Design", we are involved in three of four titles with our costumes: FABIAN OR THE GANG BEFORE THE DOGS (costume design: Barbara Grupp), DIE SCHACHNOVELLE (costume design: Tanja Hausner) and JIM KNOPF UND DIE WILDE 13 (costume design: Anke Winckler). The award ceremony will take place on 1 October 2021. We are keeping our fingers crossed for all the nominees.
    10. August 2021 | Dominik Graf's remake of Erich Kästner classic "Fabian oder Der Gang vor die Hunde" has been released in cinemas and is currently in 3rd place in the German arthouse charts. Our costumes contribute to an authentic image of the film set in the early 1930s. Cast: Tom Schilling, Saskia Rosendahl, Albrecht Schuch, Michael Wittenborn; Production: Lupa Film in co-production with DCM Pictures and ZDF, Director: Dominik Graf, Costume Design: Barbara Grupp
  • Eldorado KaDeWe (AT)
    6. August 2021 | With "Eldorado KaDeWe" (AT), director Julia von Heinz stages a gripping serial epic about a friendship between four disparate young people who, after a night of drinking, make a vow: they will never let their chance at happiness pass them by. But at the end of the eventful decade, not only the existence of KaDeWe is at stake, but also the friendship and future of the "Kleeblatt". We are happy to be a part of this impressive production with our costumes. Starring Valerie Stoll, Lia von Blarer, Joel Basman and Damian Thüne; Production: commissioned by ARD Degeto and RBB in co-production with Constantin Television and UFA Fiction; Director: Julia von Heinz; Costume Design: Maxi Munzert
  • Podcast with Andrea Peters
    4. August 2021 | Comacon Magazine invited our Managing Director Andrea Peters for an interview for the 2nd time. This will soon become a habit. It has again become a casual conversation about Theaterkunst. You can hear all about our future plans, projects and the big question of how to resist the joy of dressing up yourself here every day in the podcast.
    21. July 2021 | After the successful 1st season, the 2nd season of the series "Sløborn" has now been filmed. The six new episodes were shot on Norderney, in Berlin-Brandenburg and in Poland. The broadcast is planned for 2022 on ZDFNeo and in the Mediathek. This time, too, the islanders' struggle for survival continues. The cast of the drama and disaster series again includes Emily Kusche, Alexander Scheer, Adrian Grünewald, Aaron Hilmer, Karla Nina Diedrich, Lea van Acken and Wotan Wilke Möhring. Prodction: Syrreal Entertainment in co-production with ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Tobis Film and Nordisk Film; Director: Christian Alvart; Costume Design: Dorota Budna
  • Interview at media:net Berlin Brandenburg
    2. July 2021 | Our managing director Andrea Peters talks to media:net berlin brandenburg e.V. about digitalization, internationalization and plans for the future. In the format "3 questions to..." she answers them: Click here to read the article! (German only!)
    30. June 2021 | For TVNOW we are providing costumes for the six-part miniseries TORSTRAßE 1. It is the story of a house, the story of Germany and the story of a great love. Told over several decades of an eventful century. In the drama series, Vicky and Harry meet in 1927 during a politically unstable and economically difficult time. Vicky moves from a small town to Berlin to finally be able to live freely. She finds work as a department store clerk and falls in love with the penniless musician Harry, who turns out to be the son of the department store owner. Decades of ups and downs follow at the address Torstraße 1 - today's SOHO Haus. Director: Sherry Hormann ; Costume Design: Ute Pfaffendorf
    22. June 2021 | The winners of the JUPITER AWARD 2021 have been announced! The audience has voted! Every year, the award from TV Spielfilm and Cinema honors the best films and stars from cinema and TV. Congratulations to the five productions where we were involved in the costume design. We are happy for these projects and actors: Jupiter Special Award - CORTEX (Director: Moritz Bleibtreu; Costume Design: Sabine Bockmeyer) // Best Actress National: Palina Rojinski in NIGHTLIFE (Costume Design: Silke Faber) // Best TV Series International: DAS DAMENGAMBIT (Production: William Horberg; Costume Design: Gabriele Binder) // Best TV Series National: DARK, Season 3 (Director & Screenplay: Baran bo Odar & Jantje Friese; Costume Design: Anette Guther) // Best Film National: JIM KNOPF UND DIE WILDE 13 (Director & Producer: Dennis Gansel & Christian Becker; Costume Design: Anke Winckler)
  • BERLINALE 2021
    9. June 2021 | Somewhat unusually in these summer temperatures, the 71st Berlinale starts today, June 9, 2021. This year, the International Film Festival is divided into two parts: In March, the trade press watched films in online mode, now in June the audience gets to enjoy the cinematic pleasures at open-air screenings. No Berlinale without Theaterkunst! We provided four films with our costumes: "Fabian oder Der Gang vor die Hunde" (director: Dominik Graf, costume design: Barbara Grupp), "Blutsauger" (director: Julian Radlmaier; costume design: Sara Wendt), "Ich bin dein Mensch" (director: Maria Schrader, costume design: Anette Guther) and "Die Welt wird eine andere sein" (director: Anne Zohra Berrached, costume design: Melina Scappatura).
    4. June 2021 | We provided costumes for two movies that make their world premiere at the 74th Festival de Cannes within the official competition: THE FRENCH DISPATCH, directed by Wes Anderson, brings old stories from an American magazine to life in a fictional French town shortly after World War II. Costume design: Milena Canonero. THE STORY OF MY WIFE tells about the bet made by Captain Jakob Störr to marry the first woman to walk into the café. He wins the bet, but it changes his life forever. Director: Ildiko Enyedi; Costume design: Andrea Flesch
    19. May 2021 | Let's go to Hungary! We have moved into our new office in Budapest! The showroom is officially open! With Budapest, we are taking another step towards internationalizing Theaterkunst and being able to offer our costume parts, accessories and uniforms in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic. One of the first productions that we equip on site is a six-part mini-series.
    18. May 2021 | The singer Françoise Cactus died on February 17, 2021. Known and loved for her French accent, she founded the band STEREO TOTAL with her partner Brezel Göring (Friedrich Ziegler). Not only her style of music based on her punk rock attitude - her wonderfully outfits are also a gem for every costume fans. Some of her wonderful stage outfits were donated to Theaterkunst. Thanks to Brezel Göring and Hervé Lecouffe.
    30. April 2021 | UFA Fiction is currently producing a 6-part series that takes on the 1980s news scandal about Adolf Hitler's faked diaries. Our 80s costumes accompany the events of this story. With a cast that includes Lars Eidinger, Moritz Bleibtreu, Sinje Irslinger; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Tobi Baumann, Wolfgang Groos; Costume Design: Sarah Raible, Min Sun Kim
    19. March 2021 | SWR is launching new projects on social networks. 'Ich bin Sophie Scholl' is expected to start as an Instagram series on Sophie Scholl's 100th birthday on the 9th of May 2021. We are excited to see how our costumes will be presented on this new media format. With a cast that includes Luna Wedler; Production: Vice Media GmbH; Direction: Tom Lass; Costume Design: Juliane Maier und Sabin Gröflin
    19. March 2021 | This new TV series is about digitalisation and the resulting publicity of our private lives. Through fictional events, we experience how highly explosive information or the most intimate secrets are used manipulatively online. With a cast that includes Lavinia Wilson, Julius Feldmeier, Sven Gerhardt, Mersiha Husagic, Maryam Zaree; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Randa Chahoud, Stefan Bühling; Costume Design: Katrin Unterberger
    17. February 2021 | The fate of the children from Bahnhof Zoo, from 1970s Berlin, is available to watch as a new production on Amazon Prime from 19 February. Our costumes accompany the well-known story of Christiane F. With a cast that includes Jana McKinnon, Lena Urzendowsky, Lea Drinda, Michelangelo Fortuzzi; Production: Constantin Television GmbH; Direction: Philipp Kadelbach; Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller  
    15. February 2021 | Edward Berger’s adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s classic novel of the same name is set to begin production in March 2021. Costumes of the WWI era are currently being selected from our collection to later ensure an authentic final result. With a cast that includes Daniel Brühl; Production: Amusement Park Film GmbH; Direction: Edward Berger; Costume Design: Lisy Christl
  • Change of leadership at the Theaterkunst
    7. January 2021 | Since 1st of January 2021 Andrea Peters is Managing Director of Theaterkunst. Former CEO Susanne Franke is moving into the advisory board of the costume house after 20 years in a management position. Andrea Peters is an experienced and well-connected personality, who has been successfully active in the media industry for more than 30 years. For further details please see the press release from September 2020.
    18. December 2020 | This new international drama series from the Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) explores a violent and disturbing journey into a nationalistic subculture. Our costumes accompany this ambitious and unsettling story. With a cast that includes Nina Kunzendorf, Ulrich Noethen; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH, Monster Scripted AS; Direction: Magnus Martens, Lars Kraume; Costume Design: Esther Walz
    24. November 2020 | Christian Schwochow is currently filming a Netflix adaptation of the bestseller by Robert Harris. The historical drama is about the conference on the so-called Munich Agreement of 1938. Our historical costumes and uniforms support the review of a Europe in the run-up to World War II. With a cast that includes George MacKay, Jeremy Irons, Jannis Niewöhner, Sandra Hüller, Liv Lisa Fries; Production: Turbine Studios; Direction: Christian Schwochow; Costume Design: Frauke Firl
  • Z.E.R.V.
    24. November 2020 | Our costumes support the new high-end series about the Berlin police authority of the same name. Portrayed from the perspective of an East German police inspector and a West German who is investigating in East Germany for Z.E.R.V.. With a cast that includes Fabian Hinrichs, Thorsten Merten, Imogen Kogge; Production: W&B Television GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Dustin Loose; Costume Design: Silke Sommer
    26. October 2020 | Our 1990s costumes are currently being used for the production of this new Netflix mini-series. It tells the true story of the development of Google Earth. With a cast that includes Marius Ahrendt, Lukas Loughran, Misel Maticevic, Seumas Sargent; Production: Kundschafter Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Robert Thalheim; Costume Design: Ingken Benesch
    20. October 2020 | New justice drama based on the original screenplays by bestselling author Ferdinand von Schirach. Our costumes support this fictional reappraisal of the Worms justice scandal of the 1990s. With a cast that includes Peter Kurth, Narges Rashidi, Sebastian Urzendowsky; Production: MOOVIE GmbH; Direction: Daniel Prochaska; Costume Design: Max Wohlkönig
    9. September 2020 | 

    Berlin, 09 September 2020: After 30 years working for Theaterkunst GmbH, the sole managing director Susanne Franke is to join the advisory board of the Berlin costume house on 01 January 2021. She served as a member of the management for 20 years and now hands over this responsibility to Andrea Peters. With her appointment, the company has recruited an experienced and very well-connected managing director with more than 30 years of professional experience in the media industry.

    Dear customers, friends and colleagues,

    I have decided after 30 years of operating activities at Theaterkunst to move to the company‘s advisory board. This will enable me to share my experience and expertise with Theaterkunst in my new role as a member of the advisory board from 01 January 2021. I will continue to serve as managing director until the end of the year.

    My time as managing director gave me an unique opportunity to be able to play an active role in shaping the positioning and further development of Theaterkunst. It was a great joy and inspiration for me to get you enthusiastic about costumes and work together with my great team to find individual solutions for every one of your projects.

    I am pleased that I can hand over a well-ordered house to my successor Andrea Peters and look forward to the exchange of ideas and fresh impetus for Theaterkunst. Andrea Peters is an experienced and very well-connected media manager who has successfully worked in the film, TV and media industries for around three decades. She will be the person to contact from 01 January 2021. In the meantime, I will be happy to introduce you to Andrea Peters in person and look forward to arranging a meeting. Please show her the same openness and high level of trust.

    Niki Fölster and her team will continue to be your dependable and trusted points of contact for all matters relating to costumes.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful, constructive and enriching working relationship over recent years. Please remain loyal to Theaterkunst.

    You can continue to reach me at my existing contact details.

    Thank you very much for placing your trust in me and the company.
    Yours sincerely

    Susanne Franke
    Managing Director, Theaterkunst GmbH

    Press release >

    3. September 2020 | The shooting for "Grand Jeté", the new film by Isabelle Stever, has started. Based on the book "Fürsorge'' by Anke Stelling, career and the issue of maternal love are the central theme. Our contemporary costumes support the family drama. With a cast that includes Susanne Bredehöft, Sarah Grether, Emil von Schönfels; Production: Brave New Work GmbH; Direction: Isabelle Stever; Costume Design: Waris Klampfer
    10. August 2020 | A new major Dutch drama series based on the critically acclaimed non-fiction book by journalist Alexander Münninghoff. Our costumes lead you through the journalists fascinating family history. With a cast that includes Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Silke Bodenbender; Production: Column Film; Direction: Diederik van Rooijen; Costume Design: Margriet Procee
    10. August 2020 | Student leader and hate figure for the far right: The assassination of Rudi Dutschke in 1968 sparked street battles. Our costumes from this turbulent time support the new documentary adaptation by CineCentrum Filmproduction. With a cast that includes N.N.; Production: Cinecentrum Deutsche Gesellschaft für Film- und Fernsehproduktion mbH; Direction: Peter Dörfler; Costume Design: Anja Niehaus, Jessica Braun
    14. July 2020 | For the ARD fairytale series “Sechs auf einen Streich", which celebrates its anniversary this year, rbb is filming a new version of "Das Märchen vom goldenen Taler". Our historical costumes support the new production. With a cast that includes Stefanie Stappenbeck, Dominique Horwitz, Valerie Sophie Körfer, Dennenesch Zoudé, Stephan Grossmann; Production: Kinescope Film GmbH; Direction: Cüneyt Kaya; Costume Design: Bettina Weiß
    11. June 2020 | 

    The feature film remake of the British cult series "Catweazle" is in production. Our costumes from different eras accompany the time travels of the magician and his little friend, which is anticipated to be shown in the cinemas as early as the end of 2020. With a cast that includes Otto Waalkes, Julius Weckauf, Katja Riemann; Production: Tobis Film GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Sven Unterwaldt; Costume Design: Christine Zahn

    21. April 2020 | Uli Edel is filming a six-part event mini-series on the world‘s largest stage, the glamorous stage of Berlin's Friedrichstadt-Palast. Although filming is currently postponed, we are looking forward to supporting this German-German family history drama with our 80s costumes again soon. With a cast that includes Svenja Jung, Heino Ferch, Matthias Matschke, Jeanette Hain, Inka Friedrich; Production: Constantin Television GmbH; Direction: Uli Edel; Costume Design: Monika Jacobs
    21. April 2020 | A chapter in Norway’s war history is being filmed. Our uniforms support the setting of this feature film, which shows the eventful months of spring 1940. With a cast that includes Carl Martin Eggesbøe, Kristine Cornelie Margrete Hartgen; Production: Nordisk Film Production AS; Direction: Erik Skjoldbjærg; Costume Design: Karen Fabritius Gram
    25. March 2020 | In this prison drama, Austrian director Sebastian Meise tells of a time when homosexuality was still punishable by law. Our 1940s to 1960s costumes support the life story of Hans Hoffmann who, despite everything, is looking for freedom and love. With a cast that includes Georg Friedrich, Franz Rogowski; Production: FreibeuterFilm GmbH, Rohfilm Productions GmbH; Direction: Sebastian Meise; Costume Design: Tanja Hausner
    18. March 2020 | Detlev Buck is filming a new movie version of the Thomas Mann novel. Our turn-of-the-century costumes from our collection, as well as made to measure costumes for Maria Furtwängler, support this story of the young Felix Krull. With a cast that includes Jannis Niewöhner, Liv Lisa Fries, Maria Furtwängler; Production: Bavaria Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Detlev Buck; Costume Design: Frauke Firl
    20. February 2020 | Early 1950s, a time of upheaval. Two friends against the 'Old Order'. A small West German region becomes the base of an American military presence. Our costumes from this time accompany this journey of individual freedom, freedom of movement and capitalism in Germany. With a cast that includes Elisa Schlott, Franziska Brandmeier, Julia Koschitz, Jonas Nay, Anna Schudt; Production: FFP New Media GmbH; Direction: Dror Zahavi; Costume Design: Lucia Faust
  • KU'DAMM 63
    19. February 2020 | The sequel to the first two successful multi-part TV movies is currently being filmed. Our costumes of the 60's accompany Caterina Schöllack and her three daughters in 1963, a time when women could hardly determine their own lives. With a cast that includes Sonja Gerhardt, Claudia Michelsen, Maria Ehrich, Emilia Schüle, Trystan Pütter, Sabin Tambrea, August Wittgenstein; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Sabine Bernardi; Costume Design: Maria Schicker
    31. January 2020 | The filming of the story about the German film star Hans Albers and his great love, Jewish actress Hansi Burg, is in full swing. Our costumes from the 1920s and 1930s support this docudrama. With a cast that includes Ken Duken, Picco von Groote; Production: Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH; Direction: Carsten Gutschmidt; Costume Design: Carola Raum
    31. January 2020 | The third season of Babylon Berlin has already started with 12 new episodes on Sky. Our costumes support the period atmosphere of the series, which is set shortly before the devastating stock market crash of 1929. With a cast that includes Volker Bruch, Liv Lisa Fries, Leonie Benesch, Lars Eidinger; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Henk Handloegten, Achim von Borries, Tom Tykwer; Costume Design: Pierre-Yves Gayraud
    20. December 2019 | Set in late 1944 this compelling Dutch war drama for Netflix follows three people involved in The Battle of the Scheldt, who secured supply lines for the Allied forces’ push to liberate Europe from Nazi Germany. Our costumes underline the authenticity of this dramatic time. With a cast that includes Gijs Blom, Jamie Flatters, Susan Radder; Production: Levitate Film; Direction: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.; Costume Design: Margriet Procee
    20. December 2019 | Stefan Zweig's most famous book is being adapted for the screen. Our costumes are part of this literary film adaptation, which impressively portraits the rebellion of one man against the National Socialists. With a cast that includes Oliver Masucci, Birgit Minichmayr, Albrecht Schuch, Moritz von Treuenfels; Production: Walker+Worm Film GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Philipp Stölzl; Costume Design: Tanja Hausner
    6. November 2019 | Vienna 1922. After seven years in Russian captivity, unfamiliar in a dark world, Peter Perg realises that his past caught up with him. Our 1920s costumes accompany this original story, filmed by Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky. With a cast that includes Murathan Muslu, Liv Lisa Fries, Vicky Krieps; Production: FreibeuterFilm in co-production with Amour Fou; Direction: Stefan Ruzowitzky; Costume Design: Uli Simon
    6. November 2019 | The new Haunted-House series by Sky Originals is just being filmed. A skyscraper controls the feelings of its inhabitants and our costumes support the horror scenario. With a cast that includes Charly Hübner, Tristan Göbel, Alexander Scheer, Lilith Stangenberg; Production: Lago Film for Sky Germany; Direction: Thomas Stuber; Costume Design: Anna Wübber
    14. October 2019 | The filming of the new ZDF high-end co-production has started. Our costumes accompany the events in this drama series, in which humanity is threatened by a deadly virus. With a cast that includes Alexander Scheer, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Laura Tonke, Roland Møller, Emily Kusche, Lea van Acken, Marc Benjamin; Production: Syrreal Entertainment GmbH; Direction: Christian Alvart, Adolfo Kolmerer; Costume Design: Dorota Budna
    14. October 2019 | The autobiographical bestseller is currently being adapted as a new contemporary German Amazon Prime Original. Our costumes support this high-end series. With a cast that includes Jana McKinnon, Michelangelo Fortuzzi, Lena Urzendowsky, Lea Drinda; Production: Constantin Television GmbH; Direction: Philipp Kadelbach; Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller
    24. September 2019 | The show must go on! This is the motto of an entire industry and motivation for us to further develop our digital selection for you. Of course we cannot fully portray our costume collection, with almost 10 million pieces, but with the Theaterkunst-Showroom we have created a foundation and show a representative selection from all areas of our unique costume range. Approximately 2500 costumes from different angles give an insight into the quality and diversity of our collection. Let yourself be inspired!
    12. September 2019 | The new Dutch television series portrays two passionate Dutch pioneers, Albert Plesman and Anthony Fokker. They pull off setting up civil aviation in the Netherlands, when the world is heading for a new war. Our costumes from the 1920s and 1930s support the authenticity of this time. With a cast that includes Steef de Bot, Daan Schuurmans, Bram Suijker, Fedja van Huêt; Production:Topkapi Films; Direction: Joram Lürsen; Costume Design: Linda Bogers
    12. September 2019 | Our contemporary costumes are currently supporting the first feature film co-production between ZDF and Netflix. A suburban mother discovers her true superpowers and fights alongside two superheroes for a better world. With a cast that includes Cornelia Gröschel, Tim Oliver-Schultz, Wotan Wilke-Möhring, Nina Kunzendorf; Production: PSSST! Film GmbH (formerly lüthje schneider hörl FILM GbR); Direction: Felix Binder; Costume Design: Metin Misdik
    26. August 2019 | In the new Netflix mini-series, our costumes accompany the orphan Beth Harmon, who is on a quest to become one of the greatest professional chess players in the world as she struggles with addiction. The series is filmed by two-time Oscar nominee Scott Frank, based on the novel by Walter Trevis. With a cast that includes Anya Taylor-Joy; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Scott Frank; Costume Design: Gabriele Binder
    1. August 2019 | The filming is in full swing for the third and final season of this successful Netflix series, which hopefully will unravel all unanswered questions throughout all time zones. Our costumes accompany this journey through time. With a cast that includes Louis Hofmann, Jördis Triebel, Lisa Vicari, Andreas Pietschmann; Production: W&B Television GmbH & Co KG; Direction: Baran bo Odar; Costume Design: Anette Guther
    29. July 2019 | The exceptional success story, based on the Volker Kutscher novel "The Silent Death", returns to our TV screens with 12 new episodes at the end of 2019. Filming has now been completed and our costumes are taking part once again. With a cast the includes Volker Bruch, Liv Lisa Fries, Lars Eidinger, Hannah Herzsprung, Leonie Benesch; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Tom Tykwer, Henk Handloegten, Achim von Borries; Costume Design: Pierre-Yves Gayraud
    5. July 2019 | The award-winning screenplay by Oliver Kracht is being filmed in the studios of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The film takes place in post-war Germany and deals, in a historical context, with the still relevant topic of equal rights between men and women. Our civilian costumes support the authenticity of this era. With a cast that includes Laura Balzer, Valery Tscheplanowa, Till Wonka; Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg; Direction: Oliver Kracht; Costume Design: Sabrina Krämer
    2. July 2019 | The six-part drama series takes place in the spring of 1945, when Europe has finally reached an era of peace and everything points towards a new beginning. But the peace holds in store political as well as economic challenges. Our historic civilian costumes support this part of Swiss history. With a cast that includes Annina Walt, Max Hubacher, Dimitri Stapfer; Production: Zodiac Pictures Ltd, Arte; Direction: Michael Schaerer; Costume Design: Monika Schmid
    5. June 2019 | Oscar Winner Florian Gallenberger is filming the Siegfried Lenz novel. The TV series portrays the fate of the Wehrmacht soldier and deserter Walter Proska and his love for a Polish partisan. Our costumes support this German-Polish story. With a cast that includes Jannis Niewöhner, Adam Venhaus; Production: Dreamtool Entertainment GmbH; Direction: Florian Gallenberger; Costume Design: Lisy Christl
    4. June 2019 | In this docudrama, Ulrich Noethen slips in the uniform of Captain Gustav Schröder who, in 1939, found no port of call for the 937 Jewish refugees aboard the St. Louis. Our civilian costumes and uniforms accompany the tragic story, which marks its 80th anniversary in 2019. With a cast that includes Ulrich Noethen, Golo Euler, Britta Hammelstein, Johannes Kienast; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Ben von Grafenstein; Costume Design: Markus Ernst  
    15. May 2019 | The Studio Babelsberg co-production A HIDDEN LIFE, by multiple award-winning director and Cannes winner Terrence Malick and Academy Award-nominated costume designer Lisy Christl, will celebrate its world premiere in the competition of the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival. The film tells the true story of the Austrian Franz Jägerstätter who, for reasons of conscience, refused to serve in the Wehrmacht and was executed in 1943. As Costume House we enjoyed being part of this production and we keep our fingers crossed and wish the best success.
    8. May 2019 | The sequel to the comedy KLASSENTREFFEN 1.0 is in production and our contemporary costumes are participating. After their recent high school reunion, the three protagonists, in their continual chaos, finally realise what really matters in life: family, friendship and love. With a cast that includes Til Schweiger, Samuel Finzi, Milan Peschel; Production: Barefoot Productions GmbH; Direction: Til Schweiger; Costume Design: Metin Misdik
  • LOLA AWARDS 2019
    7. May 2019 | We congratulate all winners of the Deutscher Filmpreis 2019 most sincerely for their LOLA, especially Sabine Greunig for the LOLA for Best Costume Design for GUNDERMANN. Of course we are delighted that we had the opportunity to provide authentic costumes from our collection.
    18. April 2019 | With Christian Berkel in the leading role, the crime series continues in its 14th season with six new suspensful murder cases. Our contemporary costumes can be seen once again. With a cast that includes Antonia Holfelder, Timo Jacobs, Nils Nellessen, Johanna Polley; Production: H & V Entertainment GmbH; Direction: Thomas Roth, Filippos Tsitos; Costume Design: Petra Fichtner
    11. April 2019 | Oscar winner Barry Levinson films the life of boxer Harry Haft, who struggles to survive in Auschwitz. After escaping a death march and relocating to New York, he attempts to use his high-profile fights against legendary boxers in the hope to be reunited with his first love. Our uniforms and civilian costumes set the tone and the time of the story. With a cast that includes Ben Foster, Danny DeVito, Billy Magnussen, Vicky Krieps; Production: Pioneer Stillking Films; Direction: Barry Levinson; Costume Design: Marina Draghici
    1. April 2019 | Filming begins for ZDF two-part ALTES LAND. Our costumes of the 1940s, 1950s and modern era support the story of two women spanning three generations. Based on the bestselling novel by Dörte Hansen, we get an insight into the Germany of our mothers and grandmothers, set on a farm in the picturesque ‘Altes Land’. With a cast that includes Iris Berben, Maria Ehrich, Nina Kunzendorf, Svenja Liesau; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Sherry Hormann; Costume Design: Jessica Specker
    20. March 2019 | An adaptation of the novel of the same name by Hungarian author Milán Füst, the story introduces Jacob Störr, who makes a bet in a café to marry the first woman who enters the place. Preparations for the filming have already begun and our beautiful costumes of the 1920s will support the atmosphere of this era. With a cast that includes Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Léa Seydoux; Production: Komplizen Film GmbH; Direction: Ildikó Enyedi; Costume Design: Andrea Flesch
    4. March 2019 | Part one of the three-part television movie of Peter Prange’s book of the same name is being filmed. It focuses on the years of 1948 and 1953, the immediate post-war period with the introduction of the Deutsche Mark and the careful transition into the years also known as "Miracle on the Rhine”. Our costumes assist in the authentic setting of this story. With a cast that includes Katja Riemann, Vanessa Loibl, Anna Maria Mühe, Elisa Schlott; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Elmar Fischer; Costume Design: Frauke Firl
    1. February 2019 | Fatih Akin's THE GOLDEN GLOVE, a film adaptation of Heinz Strunk's novel of the same name and Angela Schanelec's new film I WAS AT HOME, BUT are both in the running for the GOLDEN BEAR in the BERLINALE Competition. As costume house we were part of both productions and we keep our fingers crossed for both teams and wish them the best success.
    25. January 2019 | It's no longer a secret - RAMMSTEIN, the world famous alternative metal band, is working on the new studio album, their first in 10 years. Five music videos will accompany the new work of the band and with the production of these videos there is a lively ambience in our costume house. Many of our costumes from different eras have already been selected. Together with the fans, we are looking forward to the release.
    11. January 2019 | A fantastic special exhibition "CLOSE-UP: The Film Costumes of Barbara Baum". The Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt shows the life’s work of this award-winning costume designer. Most of the beautifully presented original film costumes were produced in meticulous detail in our studios. We have been working since the 1970s with Barbara Baum. Some of the costumes are now permanently integrated in the collections of the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation and the Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum for Film and Television. So don’t miss it, the exhibition will still open its doors until 10th of March 2019.
    20. December 2018 | Inspired by the life of Polish mathematician Stan Ulam, director Thorsten Klein is filming his first English-language production. The story takes place in the 1930s and our costumes help create a glimpse into the past. With a cast that includes Philippe Tlokinski, Esther Garrel, Sam Keeley, Joel Basman; Production: Dragonfly Films GmbH; Direction: Thorsten Klein; Costume Design: Justyna Stolarz
    20. December 2018 | The new historical crime thriller series is set in Vienna in the late 19th century. This series provides a completely new perspective on the legendary physician - our historical costumes support the current and contemporary look. With a cast that includes Robert Finster, Ella Rumpf, Georg Friedrich; Production: Bavaria Fiction GmbH; Direction: Marvin Kren; Costume Design: Max Wahlkönig
    3. December 2018 | The successful historical crime-drama series has just been awarded five prizes by The German Academy for Television, including the Best Costume Design for Pierre-Yves Gayraud. Currently, the third season is being filmed, with new episodes on Commissioner Gereon Rath. Our historical uniforms and costumes are setting the scene once again. With a cast that includes Volker Bruch, Liv Lisa Fries, Gloria Endres de Oliveira, Luc Feit, Lilli Fichtner; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Tom Tykwer, Henk Handloegten, Achim von Borries; Costume Design: Pierre-Yves Gayraud
    3. December 2018 | With his "kangaroo trilogy", author and cabaret artist Marc-Uwe Kling has published three of the boldest and most entertaining books of recent years. The stories told are about a cheeky marsupial with left-wing views and a preference for liquor filled chocolates. Director Dani Levy is currently filming the first volume of the trilogy, featuring our contemporary costumes. With a cast that includes Dimitrij Schaad, Rosalie Thomass, Carmen-Maja Antoni; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Dani Levy; Costume Design: Lucie Bates
    3. December 2018 | At present we are providing costumes for the Polish television series "Centenary of the Guilty", based on the motives of the novel by Alben Grabowska. The television adaptation focuses on the fate of the Winny family from Brwinów near Warsaw. The series begins with the outbreak of the First World War and continues a hundred years to recent times - with our costumes from various periods. With a cast that includes Kinga Preis, Adam Ferency, Jan Wieczorkowski, Katarzyna Kwiatkowska; Production: Endemol Shine Polska Sp. z o.o.; Direction: Piotr Trzaskalski; Costume Design: Malgorzata Zacharska
    1. November 2018 | The historic ZDF political drama focuses on the years 1987 to 1990 and the dramatic circumstances of the economic and moral collapse of the GDR. Our costumes support this glimpse into our younger past. With a cast that includes Barbara Auer, Nicolette Krebitz, Nadja Uhl, Oliver Masucci, Joachim Król; Production: Gabriela Sperl Produktion with Wiedemann & Berg Television; Direction: Michael Krummenacher; Costume Design: Mirjam Muschel
    1. November 2018 | Production of the next generation of Charlie’s Angels is well underway. Elizabeth Banks' reboot of the legendary 1970s TV series and the Charlie’s Angels franchise reveals strong women, in our contemporary costumes, who rein in their male antagonists with charm, cleverness and wit. With a cast that includes Elizabeth Banks, Kirsten Stewart, Naomi Scott; Production: Brownstone Productions / Film Service Babelsberg GmbH; Direction: Elizabeth Banks; Costume Design: Betsy Heimann / Kym Barrett
    1. November 2018 | The biopic tells young Udo Lindenberg’s journey, who dreams of becoming a great musician. Hermine Huntgeburth covers the early fifties in the Westphalian town of Gronau until Lindenberg’s big breakthrough in 1973 in Hamburg. Our original costumes support the milieu of the music scene in these different eras. With a cast that includes Jan Bülow, Claude Albert Heinrich, Charly Hübner, Julia Jentsch; Production: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Hermine Huntgeburth; Costume Design: Sabine Böbbis
    1. October 2018 | Filming of the ARD two-part TV movie has begun in Croatia. Star director Uli Edel stages the historical emigrant-epic, based on the bestselling novel of the same name by the American author Louise Erdrich. Our original costumes from WWI to the 1920s, as well as bespoke pieces from our in-house workshop, are part of this German-American emigrant drama. With a cast that includes Jonas Nay, Aylin Tezel and Leonie Benesch; Production: MOOVIE GmbH; Direction: Uli Edel; Costume Design: Monika Jacobs
    1. October 2018 | Academy Award winner Stefan Ruzowitzky is currently filming an adaptation of Hermann Hesse's world-renowned cult novel, which has been translated into over thirty languages ​​and is one of Hesse’s most successful books. Our historical costumes are included in this story of two friends, who’s way of live are incredibly different from each other. With a cast that includes Sabin Tambrea, Jannis Niewöhner, André M. Hennicke und Emilia Schüle; Production: Tempest Film + Lotus Film + Mythos Film; Direction: Stefan Ruzowitzky; Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller
    3. September 2018 | Subject of this new filming of a Schirach-novel is the legal scandal around the statute of limitation for those who assisted in the murderous deeds during the time of National Socialism. Our costumes support the authentic setting of this film. With a cast that includes Elyas M’Barek, Heiner Lauterbach and Alexandra Maria Lara; Production: Constantin Film; Direction: Marco Kreuzpaintner; Costume Design: Gioia Raspé
  • DARK
    3. September 2018 | Finally, the successful netflix-series, awarded with the Grimme Prize and the Golden Camera in 2018, will continue. Supernatural time travelling catapults the leading characters, dressed in our contemporary costumes as well as our costumes of the 1950s and 1980s, from the present back to the past and into the future. With a cast that includes Louis Hofmann, Deborah Kaufmann and Sebastian Hülk; Production: Wiedemann & Berg Television GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Baran bo Odar; Costume Design: Anette Guther
    3. September 2018 | The filming for a new thriller for children and young people, featuring our contemporary costumes, has just started. With a cast that includes Jürgen Vogel, Kailas Mahedevan and Christian Skibinski; Production: Constantin Film/ Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH/ Westside Filmproduktion; Direction: Viviane Andereggen; Costume Design: Ute Paffendorf
    1. August 2018 | With World War I finally over, and now entitled to vote , a young female student, full of hope, begins her studies at the Bauhaus. Our costumes - of which some were bespoke-made for August Diehl - supply the TV series with authenticity. With a cast that includes Anna Maria Mühe, August Diehl and Birgit Minichmayr; Production: zero one film GmbH; Direction: Lars Kraume; Costume Design: Esther Walz
    1. August 2018 | `The Golden Glove´ is the name of the bar where Fritz Honka found his female victims before eventually facing trial for murder in 1976. The film is based on the same-titled novel by Heinz Strunk and our 1970s costumes assist in setting an authentic scene. With a cast that includes Jonas Dassel, Dirk Böhling and Uwe Rohde; Production: Bombero International GmbH & Co KG; Direction: Fatih Akin; Costume Design: Katrin Aschendorf
    1. August 2018 | Döblin’s Franz Bieberkopf and Francis, an illegal immigrant from Africa, who tries hard to stay respectable, have nothing other in common than the fight against circumstance. Our contemporary costumes set the scene for the dramatic TV-series. With a cast that includes Welket Bungué, Albrecht A. Schuch and Jella Haase; Production: Sommerhaus Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Burhan Qurbani; Costume Design: Anna Wübber
    2. July 2018 | Rosa von Praunheim is currently filming the criminal case of the so called `darkroom-murderer´ and our contemporary costumes support the atmosphere. With a cast that includes Bardo Böhlefeld, Marina Erdmann and Henry Morales; Production: Rosa von Praunheim Filmproduktion; Direction: Rosa von Praunheim; Costume Design: Ingrid Buhrmann
    2. July 2018 | The shooting of this mini TV- Series, set in 1930s England, starts right now. A big challenge for Inspector Poirot: a mysterious serial killer and the only thing that links all the murders is an ABC train timetable and our historical costumes! With a cast that includes John Malkovich, Tara Fitzgerald and Ian Pirie; Production: Mammoth Screen (ABC) Ltd.; Direction: Alex Gabassi; Costume Design: Lindsay Pugh
    2. July 2018 | The Japanese television broadcaster NHK is filming a historical series about Japan‘s participation in the Olympic games and our costumes of different periods play their role. Part one shows Japan competing for the first time at the 1912 Olympic games. With a cast that includes Takeshi Kitano, Mirai Moriyama and Ryûnosuke Kamiki; Production: NHK, Hoy E Yoy Film Sweden AB; Direction: Masae Ichiki, Tsuyoshi Inoue, Takegorô Nishimura, Hitoshi Ône; Costume Design: Katja Watkins Johansson
    1. June 2018 | Our historical costumes of the 1930s authentically set the scene for the new film of the Oscar winner Caroline Link. Judith Kerr’s WW II drama stars a cast that includes Oliver Masucci, Carla Juri and Justus von Dohnányi; Production: Sommerhaus Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Caroline Link; Costume Design: Barbara Grupp
    1. June 2018 | Television presenter Lisa Wartberg finds herself unwittingly on a turbulent journey to New York - accompanied by our contemporary costumes! The title refers to the same-titled musical, a homage to the work of Udo Jürgens. With a cast that includes Heike Makatsch, Moritz Bleibtreu and Katharina Thalbach; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Philipp Stölzl; Costume Design: Nora Bates
    1. June 2018 | Our contemporary costumes can be seen once again in the third series about the Polish geriatric nurse Magda Wozniak. The televison series has been awarded the Deutsche Fernsehpreis 2018 in the category `Best Comedy Series´. With a cast that includes Verena Altenberger, Hedi Kriegeskotte and Matthias Komm; Production: Polyphon Film- und Fernsehgesellschaft mbH; Direction: Thorsten Wacker, Nico Zingelmann; Costume Design: Antje Gebauer
  • MY ZOE
    4. May 2018 | As screenwriter and director, Julie Delpy develops a post-divorce drama into an exciting science-fiction thriller. Dressed in our contemporary costumes she also plays the lead role. With a cast that includes Julie Delpy, Daniel Brühl, Gemma Arterton; Production: Amusement Park Film GmbH; Direction: Julie Delpy; Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller
    4. May 2018 | In the international remake of Til Schweiger’s successful German production, Hollywood actor Nick Nolte replaces Dieter Hallervorden in the same role. Fullfilling his last wish, Tilda takes off to Venice with her slightly demented grandfather. Against this dreamlike backdrop, our historical uniform for Nick Nolte and our contemporary costumes contribute to this tragicomedy. With a cast that includes Nick Nolte, Emily Mortimer, J. David Hinze; Production: Barefoot Films GmbH; Direction: Til Schweiger; Costume Design: Metin Misdik
    4. May 2018 | `Schotty is cleaning up again´. Currently new episodes of the Grimme Prize winning NDR-Series `Der Tatortreiniger´ are being filmed. Our contemporary costumes are part of the new season of this cult TV series. With a cast that includes Bjarne Mädel, Sandra Hüller, Olli Schulz; Production: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Arne Feldhusen; Costume Design: Sandra Fuhr
    29. March 2018 | We are currently providing the production of this Norwegian thriller with our original 1940s costumes. Based on the true story of Scandinavia’s brightest movie star, Sonja Wigert, who risked her life during World War II as a double agent. With a cast that includes Rolf Lassgard, N.N.; Production: The Spy AS; Direction: Jens Jonsson; Costume Design: Ulrika Sjölin
    29. March 2018 | Filming has started on the ARD documentary-drama about the Aldi brothers who, over decades, have built a trading empire. The drama is set in the post-war years up until the kidnapping of Theo Albrecht in the 1970s - with our original costumes. With a cast that includes Arnd Klawitter, Peter Kurth, Christoph Bach; Production: AVE Publishing GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Raymond Ley; Costume Design: Heike Hütt
    7. March 2018 | Lost between parallel worlds- and our contemporary costumes are immersed amid those worlds. Charles Martin is filming COUNTERPART II, the sequel of this Science Fiction Thriller, in which, during the Cold War, Americans conduct an experiment that opens a portal into a parallel dimension. This parallel dimension is identical with the real-world apart from small but subtle differences. With a cast that includes J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams, Harry Loyd, Dieter Hallervorden; Production: Forty-first Babelsberg Film GmbH; Direction: Charles Martin; Costume Designer: Lisy Christl
    7. March 2018 | Christoffer Boe is currently filming THE PURITY OF VENGEANCE, the thriller written by Danish crime author Jussi Adler-Olsen. In his fourth case, Carl Morck investigates the island of Sprogo, which is inhabited by women who were expelled from society. One of them is cruelly taking revenge on her tormentors. Our costumes from the 1960s are taking part. With a cast that includes Nikolai Lie Kaas, Fares Fares, Nicolas Bro, Fanny Bornedal; Production: Zentropa Hamburg GmbH; Direction: Christoffer Boe; Costume Design: Pernille Holm
  • 4 BLOCKS
    7. March 2018 | 4 BLOCKS continues - Oliver Hirschbiegel and Özgür Yildirim are filming six further episodes of this TV series, about a Lebanese family clan and organized crime in Berlin-Neukölln. Drug trafficking and our contemporary costumes are right in the middle. With a cast that includes Kida Khodr Ramadan, Veysel Gelin, Almila Bagriacik, Martin Baden; Production: Wiedemann & Berg Television GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Oliver Hirschbiegel and Özgür Yildirim; Costume Design: Silke Faber
    12. February 2018 | Christian Schwochow is currently filming the same-titled novel by Siegfried Lenz, which the author published in 1968 and which is considered his most important work. The novel addresses subjects such as `Mitläufertum´, patriotism and misunderstood acquittal in the time of National Socialism. Costumes from our collection and also made-to-measure designs from our workshop for Sonja Richter (role: Gudrun Jebsen) underline the image of that era. With a cast that includes Tobias Moretti, Johanna Wokalek, Ulrich Noethen; Production: Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Christian Schwochow; Costume Design: Frauke Firl
    12. February 2018 | The filming of the international co-production DRAGON TATTOO – THE GIRL IN THE SPIDER‘S WEB has begun. Our contemporary costumes are part of this sequel of the famous Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson, who sadly died in 2004. The plot focuses on the computer hacker genius Lisbeth Salander, who is on the trail of a conspiracy in which the US secret service NSA seems to be involved as well. With a cast that includes Claire Foy, Sylvia Hoeks, Vicky Krieps; Production: Filmservice Babelsberg GmbH; Direction: Fede Alvarez; Costume Design: Carlos Rosario, Nancy Steiner
    12. February 2018 | The story of the rise and fall of Carl F. W. Borgward is currently being filmed. The docu-drama investigates the background and circumstances of one of the most spectacular bankruptcies in German economic history. Our original costumes from the 1960s support authenticity. With a cast that includes Thomas Thieme, André Klöhn, Dirk Böhling; Direction: Marcus O. Rosenmüller; Production: Cinecentrum Hamburg German Society for Film and Television Production mbH; Costume Design: Majie Pötschke
  • BEAT
    5. January 2018 | While filming the 7-part Warner TV series, the Berlin club scene becomes an impressive showcase for our contemporary costumes. With a cast that includes Karoline Herfurt, Jannis Niewöhner, Alexander Fehling and Karl Markovics; Production: Hellinger / Doll Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Marco Kreuzpaintner; Costume Design: Gioia Raspé
    5. January 2018 | Our historical costumes set the scene in this medieval series for the Polish television which tells the story of the dramatic power struggle of the Polish King Kazimir the Great (1310-1370). With a cast that includes Mateusz Król, Wiesław Wójcik, Halina Łabonarska and Marta Bryła; Production: Drogi Wolnósci; Direction: Wojciech Pacyna; Costume Design: Elżbieta Radke
    13. December 2017 | The Danish television series revolves around the fateful connection of the biographies of the chambermaid Fie, the merchant’s daughter Amanda and the local fisherman Morten. While the world outside falls apart during the years of 1928-33 our historical costumes support the dramatic atmosphere in the seaside hotel. With a cast that includes Rosalinde Mynster, Bodil Jørgensen and Lars Ranthe; Production: S F Studios Production Aps; Direction: Fabian Wullenweber; Costume Design: Margrethe Rassmussen
  • LARA
    13. December 2017 | The tragicomedy directed by OH BOY Director Jan-Ole Gerster shows the conflict between a mother and her son. Our contemporary costumes support the dramatic development. With a cast that includes Tom Schilling, Susanne Bredehöft, Steffen C. Jürgens and Hildegard Schroedter; Production: Schiwago Film GmbH und Leuchtstoff (Initiative of RBB and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg); Direction: Jan-Ole Gerster; Costume Design: Anette Guther
    13. December 2017 | The drama tells the story about four grown up siblings quarrelling with each other and with the caretaker of their deceased father about their inheritance. Our contemporary costumes support the actors in portraying their characters. With a cast that includes Leslie Malton, Joachim Król, Dominik Raacke and Matthieu Carrière; Production: EIKON Media GmbH; Direction: Nikolaus „Niki“ Stein von Kamienski; Costume Design: Susanne Fiedler
    15. November 2017 | Matthias Schweighöfer’s thriller series will continue for a second season. The series started on Amazon Video in March 2017 as the first German in-house production for an international streaming provider. Our contemporary costumes are also part of the second season. With a cast that includes Jessica Schwarz, Hannah Hoekstra and US-American Michael Landes; Production: Pantaleon Films GmbH; Direction: Matthias Schweighöfer und Bernhard Jasper; Costume Design: Metin Misdik
    15. November 2017 | The TV series recounts stories within the Interdisciplinary Investigation Commission (IEK) of the Criminal Investigation Division in Berlin, about medical examiner Dr. Katrin Stoll and detective chief superintendent Mirko Kiefer, who reopen unresolved criminal cases due to new evidence. Our contemporary costumes and historic costumes -in the recaps- are part of season 3. With a cast that includes Valerie Niehaus, David Rott and Matthias Weidenhöfer; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Henning Backhaus; Costume Design: Daniela Thomas
    15. November 2017 | The ARD Mini-Series about publisher Aenne Burda is currently being filmed. With "Burda Moden", the magazine which also included cutting patterns, Aenne Burda made fashionable clothing affordable for every woman from 1950s onwards. The film focuses on the years between 1949 and 1954, the time when Aenne Burda (1909-2005) grew from being the wife of a publisher into a major publisher herself. Our costumes underline the era during these post-war years. With a cast that includes Katharina Wackernagel, Fritz Karl, Luise Wolfram; Production: Polyphon Pictures GmbH; Direction: Franziska Meletzky; Costume Design: Katharina Ost
    30. October 2017 | Andreas Dresen’s new film portrays the life of the legendary singer-songwriter and excavator driver from the Lusation brown-coal mining area. Gundermann (1955-1998) was an excavator in surface mining, at the same time he developed his art and performed with his band in the evenings. Our costumes support the journey through this East German biography. With a cast that includes Benjamin Felix Kramme, Alexander Scheer, Anna Unterberger, Eva Weißenborn; Production: Pandora Film Produktion GmbH; Direction: Andreas Dresen; Costume Design: Sabine Greunig
    30. October 2017 | In the screen adaptation of Robert Seethaler’s moving and successful novel, the period atmosphere is underpinned by our costumes. In 1937 seventeen-year-old Franz Huchel leaves his home village to try his luck in Vienna. During his journey he meets Sigmund Freud with whom he develops a rare friendship, and cabaret dancer Anezka with whom he falls in love. Severe political and social changes force him to change his view on life fundamentally. With a cast that includes Simon Morzé, Bruno Ganz, Liliane Amuat, Johannes Krisch; Production: Trenkwalder & Partner Service Production SRL; Direction: Nikolaus Leytner; Costume Design: Catarina Czepek
    4. October 2017 | The twelve-year-old Paul Silberstein is an offspring of a mysterious, old Austrian confectioner dynasty. In Austria in the late 1950s he discovers the power of love and humour, and furhermore, his ability for creating his very own reality. Our costumes are shown in this movie version, which is based on the story with autobiographic scences of André Heller. With a cast that includes Nicholas Ofczarek, Karl Markovics, Sabine Timoteo, Udo Samel; Production: DOR Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mbH; Direction: Rupert Hennig; Costume Design: Christine Ludwig
    4. October 2017 | From the German economic miracle to the presence: Uniforms and civil costumes from our collection are shown in this German-Italian family story, which is adapted from a novel by Daniel Speck. The 3-episode series draws a bow from first Italian guest workers in the 60s and their way from being foreign guests to becoming familiar neighbours nowadays. With a cast that includes Joachim Bißmeier, Christoph Letkowski, Stefan Kurt, Marleen Lohse, Kostja Ullmann; Production: Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH; Direction: Gregor Schnitzler; Costume Design: Esther Amuser
    13. September 2017 | The filming of the second season and sequel of DEUTSCHLAND 83, which was honoured with an EMMY as the best TV drama series in 2016, has begun in South Africa. Also in this season the atmosphere of the 80s is supported by our civil costumes and uniforms. In the new episodes, the story of the East German agent Martin and his comrades of the foreign intelligence service of the GDR is continued and recounts their experiences in 1986. With a cast that includes Jonas Nay, Sylvester Groth, Maria Schrader, Uwe Preuss; Production: Ufa Fiction GmbH; Direction: Florian Cossen, Arne Feldhusen; Costume Design: Monika Jacobs
  • 25 KM/H
    13. September 2017 | At present the shooting of this comedy with a star-studded cast takes place. Two brothers, with most different life plans, go on a madly trip through Germany where some adventures awaits them. Civil costumes and diverse traditional costumes from our collection are shown in this production. With a cast that includes Lars Eidinger, Bjarne Mädel, Sandra Hüller, Alexandra Maria Lara, Wotan Wilke Möhring; Production: Sunny Side Up GmbH; Direction: Markus Goller; Costume Design: Ramona Klinikowski
    28. August 2017 | The Polish director Krzysztof Zanussi picturizes the project ETHER, which is referring to Faust. The movie plays around 1900 and deals with the story of a military doctor who uses medical experiments to gain power over people. With a cast that includes Jacek Poniedziałek, Andrzej Chyra and Małgorzata Pritulak; Production: Studio Filmowe TOR; Direction: Krzysztof Zanussi; Costume Design: Katarzyna Lewinska
    28. August 2017 | With black sense of humour this Finnish movie tells the story of a group of prisoners from the Red Army. While awaiting their execution they prepare a comedy to entertain the German guards and their commandeur. We delivered uniforms from World War I for this project. With a cast that includes Martti Suosalo; Production: Inland Film Company Oy; Direction: Heikki Kujanpää; Costume Design: Marjatta Nissinen
    4. August 2017 | In our studio we create historic, tailor-made costumes for the GAME OF THRONES actor Tom Wlaschiha, who will show up in the new Sky-series. For the sequel of Wolfgang Petersens blockbuster about a German submarine crew during World War II, we provide civil costumes and uniforms from our collection. With a cast that includes Rick Okon, Rainer Bock and Vicky Krieps; Production: Bavaria Fernsehproduktion GmbH; Direction: Andreas Prochaska; Costume Design: Chattoune
    4. August 2017 | With hints to the James Bond movie THE SPY WHO LOVED ME the filming of this action comedy takes place. Contemporary costumes from our collection like The German Federal Armed Force, Berlin police, fire brigade and paramedics are featured in this production. With a cast that includes Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon and Sam Heughan; Production: Spinel Films KFT; Direction: Susanna Fogel; Costume Design: Alex Bovaird
    4. August 2017 | This satire is a fictive story based on the life of the fashion designer Rudolph Moshammer. Our high-class designer costumes support the look of the Munich high society in the 80s. With a cast that includes Thomas Schmauser, Hannelore Elsner and Sunnyi Melles; Production: Producers at Work GmbH; Direction: Alexander Adolph; Costume Design: Martina Müller
    17. July 2017 | The costume designer and multiple Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood visited us and selected historical costumes and navy uniforms from our collection for her new project. With a cast that includes Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Katherine Waterston; Production: Triton Films Ltd; Direction: David Yates; Costume Designer: Colleen Atwood
    17. July 2017 | Under the direction of Oscar-winner Caroline Link the screen adaption of the eponymous novel written by Harpe Kerkeling is in progress. Our costumes underline the authenticity of the retrospects into different decades. With a cast that includes Julius Weckauf, Joachim Król and Maren Kroymann; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Caroline Link; Costume Designer: Barbara Grupp    
    17. July 2017 | The new Sky-series shows the last eight days of mankind and is filmed, amongst others, by the Oscar-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky. Our contemporary costumes are featured in this production and contribute to the apocalyptic mood. With a cast that includes Christiane Paul, Mark Waschke and Devid Striesow; Production: NEUESUPER GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Stefan Ruzowitzky and Michael Krummenacher; Costume Designer: Max Wohlkönig
  • KU’DAMM 59
    23. June 2017 | The successful ZDF three-part-series "Ku'damm 56" is being continued. Our 1950s costumes and uniforms accompany the continuous life journey of Caterina Schöllack and her three daughters, who have to hold their ground during the period of ‘Economic Miracle’ in a restrictive German society. With a cast that includes Sonja Gerhardt, Emilia Schüle, Maria Ehrich, Claudia Michelsen; Production: UFA FICTION GmbH; Direction: Sven Bohse; Costume Design: Maria Schicker
    23. June 2017 | National Geographic's first series, focuses on Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein. Based on Walter Isaacson’s acclaimed and best-selling book, Einstein: His Life and Universe, GENIUS follows the brilliant scientist through the ups and downs of his life, from failing to get his doctorate to developing the general theory of relativity. For this production we provided, amongst other costumes, First World War uniforms. With a cast that includes Johnny Flynn, Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson; Production: Fox 21 Television Studios; Direction: Ron Howard, Kenneth Biller; Costume Design: Martina Hejlová
    23. June 2017 | Dressed in our 1940s to 1960s civilian costumes the film tells the story of Bernd Trautmann whose love for football, for England and for the love of his life, Margaret saw him rise from Nazi to british hero. He won over even his harshest opponents by winning the legendary FA Cup Final for Manchester City in 1956 - playing on with a broken neck to secure victory, which led him to being celebrated all across England. With a cast that includes David Kross, John Henshaw, Freya Mavor; Production: Lieblingsfilm GmbH; Direction: Marcus H. Rosenmüller; Costume Design: Anke Winckler
  • Brecht
    22. May 2017 | The multi-award-winning author and director Heinrich Breloer depicts in this documentary drama, the first comprehensive film portrait of the poet in a contemporary context. Brecht was born in 1898 in Augsburg and died in 1956 in East Berlin. Our costumes from these eras are part of this production. With a cast that includes Burghart Klaußner, Adele Neuhauser, Maximilian Klas; Production: Bavaria Filmproduktion GmbH Köln; Direction: Heinrich Breloer; Costume Design: Ute Paffendorf
  • The Resistance Banker
    22. May 2017 | Our 1930s original costumes are part of this film, which is based on the amazing story of the Dutch banker Walraven (Wally) van Hall who, in the Second World war, became known as a "Resistance Banker". Van Hall's story is one of the most impressive resistance stories from that period. With a cast that includes Barry Atsma, Jochum ten Haaf, Jacob Derwig; Production: NL Film en TV B.V.; Direction: Joram Lürsen; Costume Design: Bho Roosterman  
  • Murer
    22. May 2017 | Christian Frosch reveals the court case of 1963, about the Graz-based politician Franz Murer, who was responsible for the Vilnius ghetto. Our 1960s costumes support the drama’s authenticity. With a cast that includes Karl Fischer, Alexander E. Fennon, Roland Jaeger; Production: Prisma Film- & Fernsehproduktion GmbH; Direction: Christian Frosch; Costume Design: Alfred Mayerhofer
  • Weissensee
    24. April 2017 | Filming begins for season four of this award-winning series, location is East Berlin 1990. After the collapse of the GDR regime, the members of the Kupfer family have to re-position themselves, our costumes of this time period support the authenticicity. With a cast that includes Florian Lukas, Ziva-Marie Fraske, Lisa Wagner; Production: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Friedmann Fromm; Costume Design: Monika Hinz
  • Berlin Station
    24. April 2017 | The second season of the successful US-American espionage series about the CIA agent Daniel Miller, is currently being filmed in Berlin – supplied with our contemporary costumes. With a cast that includes Richard Armitage, Michelle Forbes, Rhys Ifans; Production: Neununddreissigste Babelsberg Film GmbH; Direction: John David Coles; Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller
  • Counterpart
    24. April 2017 | For the 10-episode US-American Sci-Fi-Thriller TV series, we are currently supplying various contemporary costumes and uniforms.With a cast that includes J. K. Simmons, Olivia Williams, Harry Lloyd; Production: Company Prime, LLC, Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures GmbH; Direction: Morten Tyldum, Alik Sakharon; Costume Design: Mila Hermanovski, Sparka Lee Hall
    18. March 2017 | Love, passion and intrigue are key elements in this portrayal of the Royal Family- Our costumes are part of this GOLDEN GLOBE winning hit series. With a cast that includes Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Vanessa Kirby; Production: Netflix; Direction: Stephen Daldry et al.; Costume Design: Michele Clapton, Timothy Everest
    18. March 2017 | After the great success of 14 – DIARIES OF THE GREAT WAR, season 2 with 8 new episodes is currently in production. This international coproduction focuses on the fate of extraordinary children, women and men from nine different European nations and is equipped with our costumes and uniforms from 1918 to 1929. With a cast that includes Joel Basmann, Roxane Dunen and Marija Mauer; Production: LOOKS Film & TV GmbH; Direction: Jan Peter, Gunnar Dedio; Costume Design: Uli Simon
  • Gorillas
    18. March 2017 | Detlev Buck stages this sharp short story from Ferdinand von Schirach about a young man who is tired of being his bosses’ henchman. Our cotemporary costumes underline the characters in this production. With a cast that includes Jannis Niewöhner and Samuel Schneider; Production: Olga Film GmbH; Direction: Detlev Buck; Costume Design: Ingken Benesch
  • Das schweigende Klassenzimmer
    20. February 2017 | After holding a spontaneous “minute of silence” in honor of the victims of the Hungarian uprising, a whole class of graduates gets caught in the political mills of the GDR. Our costumes from the 1950s  are part of this adaptation of this true story about courage and cohesion. With a cast that includes Leonard Scheicher, Jonas Dassler and Florian Lukas. Production: Akzente Film & Fernsehproduktion GmbH; Direction: Lars Kraume; Costume Design: Esther Walz
  • Mittelreich
    20. February 2017 | He’d have rather been an artist, but now young Pankraz is forced to take over his paternal heritage in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Our costumes from various eras authenticate the fate of this family, spanning over three generations. With a cast that includes Martina Gedeck, Josef Bierbichler and Jim Hermann; Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Josef Bierbichler; Costume Design: Katharina Ost
  • Brechts Dreigroschenfilm
    20. February 2017 | At the end of this adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s world-famous “The Threepenny opera (Dreigroschenoper)” the robbers become investment bankers – it’s likely that Bertold Brecht would have staged the screen adaptation exactly like this. Our costumes are featured in this rendition. With a cast that includes Lars Eidinger, Hannah Herzsprung and Joachim Król; Production: Zeitsprung Pictures GmbH; Direction: Joachim Lang; Costume Design: Lucia Faust
  • The Aftermath
    17. January 2017 | In post-war Hamburg, a British occupation officer and his wife move into a mansion on Elbchaussee, which they from then on share with the widowed German owner, leading to tension. This melodrama directed by James Kent, features numerous of our civil costumes and uniforms from the 1930s. With a cast that includes Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård and Jason Clarke; Production: Amusement Park Film GmbH; Direction: James Kent; Costume Design: Bojana Nikitovic
  • Aus dem Nichts
    17. January 2017 | Hollywood actress Diane Kruger takes the lead in this German production, adapted by renowned director Fatih Akin. The film follows the narrative of a young woman who loses both her husband and son in a racially motivated bombing. Various costumes including modern court robes are supplied by us. With a cast that includes Diane Kruger, Numan Acar and Denis Moschitto; Direction: Fatih Akin; Costume Design: Katrin Aschendorf
  • Hot Dog
    16. December 2016 | This new action comedy is currently being filmed in Germany. The story about the rescue of the daughter of the Moldovan ambassador promises chaos, intrigues, lies and a popular German cast. Our contemporary uniforms and costumes are part of this production. With a cast that includes Til Schweiger, Matthias Schweighöfer and Heino Ferch; Direction: Torsten Künstler; Costume Design: Metin Misdik
    16. December 2016 | Bretagne, 1981: Romy Schneider meets her childhood friend Hilde, journalist Michael Jürgs and photographer Robert Lebeck in a sanatorium. In three days full of passion, ambition and desire, Schneider’s last interview is completed. Numerous costumes from the 1980s underlines this emotional encounter. With a cast that includes Marie Bäumer, Birgit Minichmayr und Charly Hübner, Direction: Emily Atef; Costume Design: Janina Audick
  • Dark
    19. November 2016 | Theaterkunst is part of the first Netflix Original Series produced in Germany. DARK features a mysterious family saga about two missing children in a small town in Germany. Ten episodes are currently being filmed in Berlin. Theaterkunst delivers various uniforms and several costumes from different époques. With a cast that includes Anatole Taubman, Oliver Masucci and Mark Waschke; Production: Dark Series GmbH; Direction: Baran bo Odar; Costume Design: Anette Guther
  • Suspects
    18. November 2016 | British hit series SUSPECTS surrounding the everyday life of a team of investigators is currently being adapted for German audiences. In the first season of the crime series filmed in documentary style, our contemporary costumes and workwear is featured. With a cast that includes Sebastian Achilles, Nela Bartsch and Holger Doellmann; Production: UFA SERIAL DRAMA GmbH; Direction: miscellaneous; Costume Design: Kerstin Viot
  • Credo
    18. November 2016 | The new Euro-production of director Christian Schwochow gives us an insight into a world of high finance, in which young investment banker Jana finds herself in an intrigue between two high street banks and an impending bank crash. Various designer pieces and civilian costumes are from our collection. With a cast that includes mit Patrick Dewayne, Johanna Polley and Canan Suvatlar; Production: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Christian Schwochow; Costume Design: Frauke Firl
  • Mute
    18. October 2016 | Berlin in the year of 2052: Alexander Skarsgård plays the role of a mute bartender who is searching for his missing partner and has to go up against the city’s two gangsters to do so. Under the direction of Duncan Jones this international Sci-Fi Thriller is currently being filmed in Berlin. Our futuristic costumes are onboard. With a cast that includes Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd und Justin Theroux; Production: Studio Babelsberg; Direction: Duncan Jones; Costume Designer: Ruth Myers
  • Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
    18. October 2016 | 

    Morrowland in Berlin: The adaptation of Michael Ende’s popular children’s novel will start filming in October in Studio Babelsberg. Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine will star as the villain Mrs. Grindtooth. Our costumes from dofferent epoques and countries are part of this production and ready to be filmed. With a cast that includes Shirley MacLaine, Solomon Gordon and Henning Baum; Production: Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Dennis Gansel; Costume Designer: Ute Paffendorf

  • Tatortreiniger
    19. September 2016 | 

    Good news for fans of the popular German comedy series: a new season of TATORTREINIGER is in the making. The three new episodes of the season include our contemporary costumes. With a cast that includes Bjarne Mädel, Sandra Hüller and Sebastian Blomberg; Production: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Arne Feldhusen; Costume Designer: Sabine Keller


  • Honigfrauen
    19. September 2016 | 

    At Lake Balaton, a story of summer, sunshine and longing is in the making: HONIGFRAUEN tells the story two sisters in the summer of 1986 on their first holiday out of the GDR at Lake Balaton. Little do they know that they are being watched by the Stasi. The GDR costumes from the 1980s are delivered by Theaterkunst. With a cast that includes Sonja Gerhardt, Cornelia Gröschel and Anja Kling; Production: Franks Movie Management GmbH; Direction: Ben Verbong; Costume Designer: Maria Schicker

  • Die Freibadclique
    19. September 2016 | Renowned director and screenwriter Friedemann Fromm tells the story of a group of teenage boys and a summer to remember after the war. The film is based on popular German novel written by Oliver Storz. Numerous of our original costumes from the 1940s are part of this production as well as our tailor-made evening gowns for actress Vica Kerekes. With a cast that includes Vica Kerekes, Laurenz Lerch, Christoph Hufenbecher; Production: Zieglerfilm Baden-Baden; Direction: Friedemann Fromm; Costume Designer: Mirjam Muschel
  • Gladbeck
    15. August 2016 | The hostage drama which took place in Gladbeck in 1988 is currently in the making by Kilian Riedhof. This TV production about the bank robbery itself as well as the hostage situation, the reaction of the media and the arrest is supported by our costumes from the 1980s. U.a. with Zsa Zsa, Inci Buerkle, Arnd Klawitter and Martin Wuttke; Direction: Kilian Riedhof; Production: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG; Costume Designer: Kristin Schuster
  • Es war einmal Indianerland
    15. August 2016 | Regisseur Ilker Çatak, der erst letztes Jahr den Studenten-Oscar gewonnen hat, verfilmt gerade das nächste spannende Projekt: der preisgekrönte Jugendroman „ES WAR EINMAL INDIANERLAND“ handelt von Mausers turbulenten Sommer und mysteriöse Begegnungen mit einem Indianer. Unsere Kostüme sind Teil dieses Abenteuers. U.a. mit Leonard Scheicher, Emilia Schüle, Johanna Polley; Produktion: Riva Filmproduktion GmbH; Regie: Ilker Çatak; Kostümbild: Sabine Bockmeyer
  • Sense 8
    21. July 2016 | The second season of the US hit series is about to air. Our futuristic costumes and accessories are part of this Netflix production. With a cast that includes Toby Onwumere, Doona Bae and Jamie Clayton; Production: Georgeville Films, Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures GmbH; Direction: Lana Wachowski; Costume Designer: Polly Matthies
  • Toni Erdmann
    21. June 2016 | Critically acclaimed comedy TONI ERDMANN was chosen to kick off this year’s Film Festival in Munich. The film about dynamics between different generations was previously shown at the Festival de Cannes this year and won the critics' choice award of the international film press. Our costumes underline the different characters. With a cast that includes Sandra Hüller, Peter Simonischek and Radu Banzaru; Production: Komplizen Film GmbH; Direction: Maren Ade; Costume Designer: Gitti Fuchs
  • You Are Wanted
    21. June 2016 | YOU ARE WANTED is the first German series exclusively made as part of Amazon Original series. In this thriller, a man’s life is turned upside down by a hacker attack, causing his identity to be overwritten. Our costumes are part of this gripping new thriller. With a cast that includes Alexandra Maria Lara, Karoline Herfurth and Tom Beck. Production: Pantaleon Films GmbH; Direction: Matthias Schweighöfer; Costume Designer: Metin Misdik
  • 55 Steps
    12. May 2016 | Based on a true story, award-winning director Bille August is currently filming this story about  Eleanore Riese  and her fight for the right to bodily autonomy in a psychiatric institution in 1980s. For this production we are proud to deliver various costumes in the style of the époque. With a cast that includes Helena Bonham Carter, Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Tambor; Production: Elsani Film; Direction: Billie August; Costume Design: Charlotte Willems
  • Werk ohne Autor
    11. May 2016 | Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck directs this drama about an artist who creates as a means to process his experiences during the Nazi and East German regimes. With our original period costumes. With a cast that includes Sebastian Koch, Tom Schilling, Rainer Bock, Paula Beer, Saskia Rosendahl; Production: Wiedemann & Berg Film GmbH & Co. KG; Costume Design: Gabriele Binder.
  • Tom of Finland
    11. May 2016 | Tom of Finland is one of Finland’s best known artist; his homo erotic illustrations are a symbol to the homosexual movement. Our various milieu costumes from different époques are part of this production. With a cast that includes Pekka Strang, Werner Daehn, Jessica Grabowsky; Production: Neutrinos Productions; Direction: Dome Karukoski; Costume Design: Anna Vilpunnen
  • The Strain
    22. March 2016 | We deliver original uniforms for this American vampire TV series, created by Guillermo del Toro und Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name. With a cast that includes Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Mia Maestro, Kevin Durand, Jonathan Hyde, and Richard Sammel; Production: FX Productions; Costume Design: Luis Sequira.
  • Babylon Berlin
    10. March 2016 | Currently in preproduction in our atelier is the international TV series about life in Berlin during the 1920s. Based on the successful best selling series of books by Volker Kutscher, the cast includes Volker Bruch and Liv Lisa Fries. Production: X Film Creative Pool; Direction: Tom Tykwer, Achim von Borries, Hendrik Handloegten; Costume Design: Pierre-Yves Gayraud.
  • Landgericht
    10. February 2016 | For the film version of the book by the same name, we are supplying both original historic costumes from the 1930s through the 1950s as well as custom-made pieces from our atelier. With a cast that includes Roland Zehrfeld, Johanna Wokalek, Felix Klare, Ulrike Kriener and, Christian Berkel. Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Matthias Glasner; Costume Design: Wiebke Kratz.
  • Music, War and Love
    14. January 2016 | A film with an international cast and with our costumes of the 30s and 40s, including evening wear, civilian costumes and uniforms; with Adelaide Clemens, Leo Sutter, Stellan Skarsgård, Connie Nielsen, Stephen Dorff; Production: Horus Zigniew Raczynski Spolka Komandytowa; Director: Martha Colldige; Costum Design Ela Radke.
  • Vier gegen die Bank
    15. December 2015 | "Das Boot" director Wolfgang Petersen turns out a remake of his own made-for-television comedy thriller of 1976 – with our contemporary costumes. Cast includes Till Schweiger, Bully Herbig, Jan Josef Liefers, Matthias Schweighöfer; Production: Helling / Doll Filmproduktion GmbH; Director: Wolfgang Petersen; Costume Design: Metin Misdik.
  • Berlin Station
    10. December 2015 | We deliver the costumes for the principal characters and extras for the new American TV espionage series centered around a CIA agent. With a cast that includes Richard Armitage, Michelle Forbes, Richard Jenkins, Richard Dillane, and Bernhard Schütz; Production: 36th Babelsberg Film GmbH; Director: Michael Roskan; Costum Design: Nicole Fischnaller.
  • Kundschafter des Friedens
    1. December 2015 | This secret agent comedy, based on a former East German spy, is costumed with our pieces and uniforms. Cast includes Henry Hübchen, Michael Gwisdek, Thomas Thieme, Winfried Glatzeder, and Jürgen Prochnow. Production: Kundschafter Filmproduktion GmbH; Director: Robert Thalheim; Costume Design: Ute Paffendorf.
  • Charité
    2. November 2015 | The location is Berlin in 1881 for this 6-part mini-series about the most famous hospital in the world, which was costumed with our historic pieces. The cast includes Maximilian Meyer-Bretschneider, Alicia von Rittberg, Christoph Bach, Ernst Stötzner, and Justus von Dohnányi. Production by UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction by Sönke Wortmann, Costume Design by Esther Walz.
  • Tschick
    2. November 2015 | Based on Wolfgang Herrndorf’s bestselling novel of the same name about two outsiders who take a road trip together – in the appropriate costumes from our collection. Starring Tristan Göbel, Anand Batbileg, and Nicole Mercedes Müller. Production by Lago Film GmbH, Direction by Fatih Akin, Costumes by Anna Wübber.
  • Timm Thaler
    2. November 2015 | We delivered numerous modern costumes for the filming of the classic children’s book. With a cast that includes Justus von Dohnányi, Charly Hübner, and Axel Prahl. Production by Constantin Film Produktion GmbH, Direction by Andreas Dresen, and Costume Design by Sabine Greunig.
  • The Dasslers
    16. September 2015 | A film about the rise of Addidas and Puma – costumed with pieces from our collection from different historical epochs; with Hannah Herzsprung, Christian Friedel, Hanno Koffler, Joachim Król, Alina Levshin. Production: Wiedemann & Berg Television GmbH; Direction: Cyryll Boss, Philipp Steinert; Costume Design: Gabriele Binder.
  • The Kaiser’s Last Kiss
    16. September 2015 | For this love story, set during the Second World War, we made costumes for the Oscar-prize-winner Christopher Plummer, as well as for other roles. Numerous pieces from the 1940s were also sourced from our collection for the shoot in Belgium. Cast includes Jai Courtney, Christopher Plummer, Lily James; Production: Umedia; Direction: David Leveaux; Costume Design: Daniela Ciancio.
  • Homeland
    16. September 2015 | For the prize-winning US series about CIA analyst Carrie Mathison, we delivered contemporary costumes, uniforms and accessories. Starring Claire Danes, Laila Robins, Tracy Letts, and Rupert Friend; Production: 34th Babelsberg Film GmbH; Direction: various; Costumes: Katina Le Kerr.
  • Ku'damm 56
    17. August 2015 | We delivered racks of original costumes for this TV series about the miraculous economic growth in West Berlin during the 1950s. With a cast that includes Maria Ehrich, Claudia Michaelsen, Heino Ferch, and Uwe Ochsenknecht. Direction: Sven Bohse; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Costume Design: Maria Schicker.
  • Captain America (Sputnik)
    17. August 2015 | We provided contemporary costumes and uniforms for the filming of the superhero's story, based on the Marvel comic series. The cast includes Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. Production: Dreissigste Babelsberg Film GmbH; Direction: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo; Costume Design: Judianna Makovsky.
  • Die Blumen von gestern
    27. July 2015 | This film is a grotesque comedy and an unsparing analysis of how to deal with the German Nazi past. Cast includes Lars Eidinger, Adèle Haenel, Hannah Herzsprung, Jan Josef Liefers. Production: Dor Film West GmbH; Direction: Chris Kraus; Costume Design: Gioia Raspé.
  • Brimstone
    27. July 2015 | For this Western thriller, with a cast that includes Dakota Fanning, Robert Pattinson, Mia Wasikowska, Guy Pearce, and Carice van Houten, we delivered costumes from the turn-of-the-century. Production: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Martin Koolhoven; Costume Design: Ellen Lens.
  • Nebel im August
    27. July 2015 | This is the first feature film about euthanasia in the Third Reich which is additionally based on a true story. We delivered original costumes from the 1930s and 1940s for both children and adults. With a cast that includes David Bennent, Fritzi Haberlandt, Sebastian Koch; Production: collina Filmproduktion GmbH; Directed by Kai Wessel, Costume Design: Esther Amuser.
  • LOLA 2015
    22. June 2015 | Theaterkunst is part of the LOLAs (German Film Awards) and nominations in the category of Costume Design! The special lifetime achievement award was presented to costume designer Barbara Baum; the designer has worked closely with our company for her entire career. The LOLA for Best Costume Design was awarded to Barbara Grupp for DIE GELIEBTEN SCHWESTERN. We created costumes for the lead actor Florian Stetter and provided costumes from our collection for other cast members and extras. Additionally, in the nominated films THE CUT (Costume Design: Katrin Aschendorf) and ELSER – ER HÄTTE DIE WELT VERÄNDERT (Costume Design: Bettina Marx), Theaterkunst constructed costumes for the main characters and provided numerous costumes from the collection for other cast members.
  • Alone in Berlin
    22. April 2015 | For the filming of the novel by Hans Fallada, "Jeder Stirbt für sich Allein", we constructed the costumes for the leading actor Brendan Gleeson and delivered other 1940s period pieces from our collection. With Emma Thompson and Daniel Brühl in further roles, Production: X-Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Vincent Perez; Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller.
  • The Puppeteer
    22. April 2015 | The filming of the historical novel about the Fuggers, a Swabian merchant family, was costumed with pieces from our Renaissance clothing collection. We constructed historically accurate pieces for the lead actor Herbert Knaup. Production: Ziegler Film GmbH; Direction: Rainer Kaufmann; Costume Design: Lucie Bates.
  • Before the Morning Red Sky
    22. April 2015 | We costumed the international co-production about the life of the Austrian writer and pacifist Stefan Zweig, with costumes from the 1940s. With Josef Hader, Barbara Sukowa, Matthias Brandt. Production: X-Filme Creative Pool GmbH; Direction: Maria Schrader; Costumes: Jürgen Doering.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
    24. February 2015 | We congratulate the film on its four Oscar awards, including the Oscar for Best Costume Design (Milena Canonero) – with our costumes. Cast includes Ralph Fiennes, Saoirse Ronan, Jude Law, Bill Murray. Direction: Wes Anderson; Production: Neunzehnte Babelsberg Film GmbH.
  • The Lion Girl
    28. January 2015 | The costuming for the adaptation of this novel of the same name by Erik Fosnes Hansen is currently in the works at Theaterkunst. The film takes place during the beginning of the 20th century and is a Norwegian-German coproduction. Starring Rolf Lasgaard, Ulrich Tukur, Mads Mikkelsen. Production by Gifted Films West GmbH; Direction by Vibeke Idsoe; Costume Design by Frauke Firl.
  • Colonia
    28. January 2015 | We delivered the many costumes and custom-made suits for Emma Watson in this thriller about the German commune Colonia Dignidad in Chile from the 1970s to the 1990s. With a cast that includes Emma Watson, Daniel Bruehl, Michael Nyqvist. Production by Majestic Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction by Florian Gallenberger; Costume Design by Nicole Fischnaller.
  • The Strain
    28. January 2015 | We supplied the costumes for the American vampire series based on the trilogy of novels of the same name. With Corey Stoll, Sean Astin, David Bradley and Mia Maestro. Production by Strain Can Productions; Direction by Guillermo del Torro; Costume Design by Luis Sequeira.
  • Theaterkunst on Facebook
    4. December 2014 | You can now find us on Facebook. Friend us on Facebook and automatically receive news and updates from our costume collection and the current productions that we are working on.
  • St. James Place
    4. December 2014 | We outfitted this spy thriller from Steven Spielberg with suitable costumes. The movie is set in Cold War Berlin during the 1960s and stars Tom Hanks, Amy Ryan, Alan Alda, and Eve Hewson. Director: Steven Spielberg; Costume Design: Kasia Maimone; Production: Neunundzwanzigste Babelsberg Film GmbH.
  • Weissensee
    4. December 2014 | Pacifists, protesters, policemen, and soldiers during the Peaceful Revolution of 1989: we provide the suitable costumes for the ongoing production of a successful television series about a family; with Uwe Kockisch, Katrin Sass, Florian Lukas, Anna Loos; Director: Friedemann Fromm; Costu, Design: Monika Hinz; Production: Ziegler Film GmbH.
  • Race
    8. September 2014 | With Stephan James, Jason Sudeikis, Jeremy Irons; Production: Trinity Race GmbH; Director: Stephen Hopkins; Costume Design: Mario Davignon; Movie about the American athlete Jesse Owens, who won four gold medals at the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936 - we equip athletes, spectators, officials and people in uniform.
  • Deutschland!
    8. September 2014 | With Jonas Nay, Stefan Kolosko, Alexander Beyer, Sylvester Groth; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Director: various; Costume Design: Katrin Unterberger; TV series about a young spy whom the Stasi, in 1983, sent as an agent to West Germany- whether peace demonstration, NATO manoeuvres, or Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave) - we deliver the appropriate costumes.
  • 25,000 New Film costumes
    8. September 2014 | Land in sight! We have already integrated and made available many of our 25,000 new collection additions from the fields of current fashion, vintage fashion, jewellery and accessories. Our range of film costumes is now even more diverse.
  • Georg Elser
    8. August 2014 | with Christian Friedel, Katharina Schüttler, Burghart Klaußner; Production: Lucky Bird Pictures; Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel; Costum Design: Bettina Marx; Short description: About Georg Elser, his assassination against Adolf Hitler, 8/11/1939 in the Münchner Bürgerbräukeller – a few minutes later and the history of the world had an another modification.
  • Grzimek
    16. July 2014 | with Ulrich Tukur, Barbara Auer, Katharina Schüttler; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Director: Roland Susu Richter; Costum Design: Monika Jacobs; Short description: The biography from Bernhard Grzimek a German wildlife cameraman and ethologist from 1945 until 1987, the year of died.
  • Witwenmacher
    16. July 2014 | Production: Zeitsprung Pictures; Director: Miguel Alexandre; Costum Design: Peri de Braganca; Short description: The history of he starfighter affair, a serial of crashes gave the nickname of this jet “widow-maker”. In Germany stand the acquisition in the shadow of the “Lockheed-Affair”, a corruption affair with Franz-Josef Strauß, a German minister of defence.
  • „Helmut Schmidt - Lebensfragen“
    4. June 2014 | u.a. mit Ludwig Blochberger, Bernhard Schütz, Bibiana Beglau, Britta Hammelstein; Produktion: Trebitsch Entertainment GmbH; Regie: Ben von Grafenstein; Kostüm: Stefanie Bieker; Kurzinhalt: Anlässlich des 95. Geburtstags - ein Dokudrama über Helmut Schmidt mit Helmut Schmidt, über private Erlebnisse und politische Situationen.  
  • Fury
    4. June 2014 | u.a. mit Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal; Produktion: Norman Productions Limited; Regie: David Ayer; Kostüm: Anna Sheppard; Kurzinhalt: Während die Alliierten ihre finale Offensive auf den europäischen Schlachtfeldern beginnen, begibt sich eine Gruppe von Amerikanern auf eine mutige Mission in Nazi-Deutschland.
  • Die Abrechnung
    26. May 2014 | 

    TV-Projekt über den fiktiven Fall des Zusammenbruchs eines Drogerie-Imperiums, das von einer Familie namens Faber geführt wird. Die Geschichte ist "inspiriert von wahren Begebenheiten wie der Schlecker-Pleite".

    U. a. mit Robert Atzorn, Lisa Matinek, Josefine Preuß, Florian Lukas, Armin Rohde; Produktion: Moovie - the art of entertainment GmbH; Regie: Dror Zahavi; Kostüm: Riccarda Merten-Eicher

  • Der Polder
    23. May 2014 | 

    In diesem Kino-Projekt will die Witwe Ryuko herausfinden, was mit ihrem Mann, dem Game-Entwickler Marcus, wirklich passiert ist. Sie muss erfahren, dass die Spiele ihres Mannes lebensgefährlich sind. Ihr Sohn Walterli wird in eine virtuelle Parallelwelt eingesaugt, aus der er so schnell nicht wieder entkommt. Ryuku muss diese Welt in der Realität nachbauen, um ihren Sohn aus grosser Gefahr zu retten.

    U. a. mit Nina Fog, Christoph Bach, Samuel Schwarz; Produktion: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion; Regie: Samuel Schwarz, Julian Grünthal; Kostüm: Rudolf Jost
  • Taxi
    22. May 2014 | 

    Kino-Spielfilm nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Karen Duve über die 25 Jahre alte Alex, die nach der abgebrochenen Ausbildung bei einer Versicherung nichts mit sich und ihrem Dasein anzufangen weiß und sich als Taxifahrerin bewirbt. In ihrem neuen Job läuft es dann alles andere als rund. Als sie dann auch noch auf eine ungewöhnliche Liebe mit einem wesentlich kleineren Mann einläßt, ist sie endgültig überfordert.

    U. a. mit Peter Dinklage, Rosalie Thomass, Robert Stadtlober, Alexander Bayer, Charly Hübner, Clemens Schick; Produktion: B&T Film GmbH; Regie: Kerstin Ahlrichs; Kostüm: Katja E. Waffenschmied