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    4. May 2018 | As screenwriter and director, Julie Delpy develops a post-divorce drama into an exciting science-fiction thriller. Dressed in our contemporary costumes she also plays the lead role. With a cast that includes Julie Delpy, Daniel Brühl, Gemma Arterton; Production: Amusement Park Film GmbH; Direction: Julie Delpy; Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller.
    4. May 2018 | In the international remake of Til Schweiger’s successful German production, Hollywood actor Nick Nolte replaces Dieter Hallervorden in the same role. Fullfilling his last wish, Tilda takes off to Venice with her slightly demented grandfather. Against this dreamlike backdrop, our historical uniform for Nick Nolte and our contemporary costumes contribute to this tragicomedy. With a cast that includes Nick Nolte, Emily Mortimer, J. David Hinze; Production: Barefoot Films GmbH; Direction: Til Schweiger; Costume Design: Metin Misdik.
    4. May 2018 | `Schotty is cleaning up again´. Currently new episodes of the Grimme Prize winning NDR-Series `Der Tatortreiniger´ are being filmed. Our contemporary costumes are part of the new season of this cult TV series. With a cast that includes Bjarne Mädel, Sandra Hüller, Olli Schulz; Production: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction: Arne Feldhusen; Costume Design: Sandra Fuhr.
    29. March 2018 | We are currently providing the production of this Norwegian thriller with our original 1940s costumes. Based on the true story of Scandinavia’s brightest movie star, Sonja Wigert, who risked her life during World War II as a double agent. With a cast that includes Rolf Lassgard, N.N.; Production: The Spy AS; Direction: Jens Jonsson; Costume Design: Ulrika Sjölin.
    29. March 2018 | Filming has started on the ARD documentary-drama about the Aldi brothers who, over decades, have built a trading empire. The drama is set in the post-war years up until the kidnapping of Theo Albrecht in the 1970s - with our original costumes. With a cast that includes Arnd Klawitter, Peter Kurth, Christoph Bach; Production: AVE Publishing GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Raymond Ley; Costume Design: Heike Hütt.
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