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Jan Josef Liefers returns as director. Recounted is an episode from the time of Germany's reunification, shortly after the collapse of the East German regime with Erich Honecker as head of state. At more >


The fate of the children from Bahnhof Zoo, from 1970s Berlin, is available to watch as a new production on Amazon Prime from 19 February. Our costumes accompany the well-known story of Christiane F. more >


Edward Berger’s adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s classic novel of the same name is set to begin production in March 2021. Costumes of the WWI era are currently being selected from our more >


With about 10 million costumes, uniforms, and accessories, Theaterkunst costume collection, founded in 1907, is the largest costume collection in Germany. We stand by your side and assist you in all your wardrobe needs, whether for film, commercials, theater or TV, all with expertise and passion. In our collection, we offer Germany’s largest selection of costumes, uniforms, and accessories from all eras. New trends are also represented with a passion, as is the historically correct implementation of a costume. And personal consultation is part of our longstanding tradition.