Germany’s Largest Costume Collection ..... SHOWS WHAT IT'S GOT.

Germany’s Largest Costume Collection .. on a long journey.

Germany’s Largest Costume Collection .. understands character roles.

Germany’s Largest Costume Collection .. dresses artists too.

Germany’s Largest Costume Collection .. caters for the international stage.

Germany’s Largest Costume Collection .. stages the roaring Twenties.

Germany’s Largest Costume Collection .. made film history.

The health of our customers and our employees is very important to us - that is why we are currently only able to attend to our customers by appointment. A registration is therefore required. We are following strict hygiene and physical distancing guidelines and wearing a face mask is compulsory.

For appointments and further information on the locations, you can reach us centrally at: +49 30 8647270


Change of leadership at the Theaterkunst

Since 1st of January 2021 Andrea Peters is Managing Director of Theaterkunst. Former CEO Susanne Franke is moving into the advisory board of the costume house after 20 years in a management position. more >


This new international drama series from the Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) explores a violent and disturbing journey into a nationalistic subculture. Our costumes accompany this ambitious more >


Christian Schwochow is currently filming a Netflix adaptation of the bestseller by Robert Harris. The historical drama is about the conference on the so-called Munich Agreement of 1938. Our more >


With about 10 million costumes, uniforms, and accessories, Theaterkunst costume collection, founded in 1907, is the largest costume collection in Germany. We stand by your side and assist you in all your wardrobe needs, whether for film, commercials, theater or TV, all with expertise and passion. In our collection, we offer Germany’s largest selection of costumes, uniforms, and accessories from all eras. New trends are also represented with a passion, as is the historically correct implementation of a costume. And personal consultation is part of our longstanding tradition.