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  • Brecht
    22. May 2017 | The multi-award-winning author and director Heinrich Breloer depicts in this documentary drama, the first comprehensive film portrait of the poet in a contemporary context. Brecht was born in 1898 in Augsburg and died in 1956 in East Berlin. Our costumes from these eras are part of this production. With a cast that includes Burghart Klaußner, Adele Neuhauser, Maximilian Klas; Production: Bavaria Filmproduktion GmbH Köln; Direction: Heinrich Breloer; Costume Design: Ute Paffendorf
  • The Resistance Banker
    22. May 2017 | Our 1930s original costumes are part of this film, which is based on the amazing story of the Dutch banker Walraven (Wally) van Hall who, in the Second World war, became known as a "Resistance Banker". Van Hall's story is one of the most impressive resistance stories from that period. With a cast that includes Barry Atsma, Jochum ten Haaf, Jacob Derwig; Production: NL Film en TV B.V.; Direction: Joram Lürsen; Costume Design: Bho Roosterman  
  • Murer
    22. May 2017 | Christian Frosch reveals the court case of 1963, about the Graz-based politician Franz Murer, who was responsible for the Vilnius ghetto. Our 1960s costumes support the drama’s authenticity. With a cast that includes Karl Fischer, Alexander E. Fennon, Roland Jaeger; Production: Prisma Film- & Fernsehproduktion GmbH; Direction: Christian Frosch; Costume Design: Alfred Mayerhofer
  • Weissensee
    24. April 2017 | Filming begins for season four of this award-winning series, location is East Berlin 1990. After the collapse of the GDR regime, the members of the Kupfer family have to re-position themselves, our costumes of this time period support the authenticicity. With a cast that includes Florian Lukas, Ziva-Marie Fraske, Lisa Wagner; Production: Ziegler Film GmbH & Co. KG; Direction: Friedmann Fromm; Costume Design: Monika Hinz
  • Berlin Station
    24. April 2017 | The second season of the successful US-American espionage series about the CIA agent Daniel Miller, is currently being filmed in Berlin – supplied with our contemporary costumes. With a cast that includes Richard Armitage, Michelle Forbes, Rhys Ifans; Production: Neununddreissigste Babelsberg Film GmbH; Direction: John David Coles; Costume Design: Nicole Fischnaller
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