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  • The Lion Girl
    28. January 2015 | The costuming for the adaptation of this novel of the same name by Erik Fosnes Hansen is currently in the works at Theaterkunst. The film takes place during the beginning of the 20th century and is a Norwegian-German coproduction. Starring Rolf Lasgaard, Ulrich Tukur, Mads Mikkelsen. Production by Gifted Films West GmbH; Direction by Vibeke Idsoe; Costume Design by Frauke Firl.
  • Colonia
    28. January 2015 | We delivered the many costumes and custom-made suits for Emma Watson in this thriller about the German commune Colonia Dignidad in Chile from the 1970s to the 1990s. With a cast that includes Emma Watson, Daniel Bruehl, Michael Nyqvist. Production by Majestic Filmproduktion GmbH; Direction by Florian Gallenberger; Costume Design by Nicole Fischnaller.
  • The Strain
    28. January 2015 | We supplied the costumes for the American vampire series based on the trilogy of novels of the same name. With Corey Stoll, Sean Astin, David Bradley and Mia Maestro. Production by Strain Can Productions; Direction by Guillermo del Torro; Costume Design by Luis Sequeira.
  • Theaterkunst on Facebook
    4. December 2014 | You can now find us on Facebook. Friend us on Facebook and automatically receive news and updates from our costume collection and the current productions that we are working on.
  • St. James Place
    4. December 2014 | We outfitted this spy thriller from Steven Spielberg with suitable costumes. The movie is set in Cold War Berlin during the 1960s and stars Tom Hanks, Amy Ryan, Alan Alda, and Eve Hewson. Director: Steven Spielberg; Costume Design: Kasia Maimone; Production: Neunundzwanzigste Babelsberg Film GmbH.
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