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    13. December 2017 | The Danish television series revolves around the fateful connection of the biographies of the chambermaid Fie, the merchant’s daughter Amanda and the local fisherman Morten. While the world outside falls apart during the years of 1928-33 our historical costumes support the dramatic atmosphere in the seaside hotel. With a cast that includes Rosalinde Mynster, Bodil Jørgensen and Lars Ranthe; Production: S F Studios Production Aps; Direction: Fabian Wullenweber; Costume Design: Margrethe Rassmussen
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    13. December 2017 | The tragicomedy directed by OH BOY Director Jan-Ole Gerster shows the conflict between a mother and her son. Our contemporary costumes support the dramatic development. With a cast that includes Tom Schilling, Susanne Bredehöft, Steffen C. Jürgens and Hildegard Schroedter; Production: Schiwago Film GmbH und Leuchtstoff (Initiative of RBB and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg); Direction: Jan-Ole Gerster; Costume Design: Anette Guther
    13. December 2017 | The drama tells the story about four grown up siblings quarrelling with each other and with the caretaker of their deceased father about their inheritance. Our contemporary costumes support the actors in portraying their characters. With a cast that includes Leslie Malton, Joachim Król, Dominik Raacke and Matthieu Carrière; Production: EIKON Media GmbH; Direction: Nikolaus „Niki“ Stein von Kamienski; Costume Design: Susanne Fiedler
    15. November 2017 | Matthias Schweighöfer’s thriller series will continue for a second season. The series started on Amazon Video in March 2017 as the first German in-house production for an international streaming provider. Our contemporary costumes are also part of the second season. With a cast that includes Jessica Schwarz, Hannah Hoekstra and US-American Michael Landes; Production: Pantaleon Films GmbH; Direction: Matthias Schweighöfer und Bernhard Jasper; Costume Design: Metin Misdik
    15. November 2017 | The TV series recounts stories within the Interdisciplinary Investigation Commission (IEK) of the Criminal Investigation Division in Berlin, about medical examiner Dr. Katrin Stoll and detective chief superintendent Mirko Kiefer, who reopen unresolved criminal cases due to new evidence. Our contemporary costumes and historic costumes -in the recaps- are part of season 3. With a cast that includes Valerie Niehaus, David Rott and Matthias Weidenhöfer; Production: UFA Fiction GmbH; Direction: Henning Backhaus; Costume Design: Daniela Thomas
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